This page answers the frequently asked questions about the EVE community‘s support for the disasters affecting people across the world.

Is CCP donating any funds to the collection?

When players contribute PLEX for GOOD, CCP is in effect donating a portion of the profit earned on the original sale of such PLEX to the charity on behalf of our players. CCP may, from time to time, donate additional funds (such as a matching contribution). However, any additional contribution from CCP will be discussed in the terms and conditions for the specific PLEX for GOOD campaign.

To which charity will my PLEX donation be contributed?

Information on the specific charity or organization will be provided in the Dev Blog or other announcement of each individual PLEX for GOOD campaign, as well as the relevant contribution dates and any contribution limits.

Will the money be paid to the charity in dollars or Euros?

The answer depends on the preference of the charity for which the specific collection is being made. CCP generally confirms the currency in advance with the charity. For 2013 and later years, CCP will disclose the dollar or Euro amount contributed per PLEX in each specific campaign

Why is CCP’s donation less than what I spent buying PLEX?

CCP enjoys facilitating the PLEX for GOOD campaigns and contributes a vast array of staff resources without cost. However, in all PLEX for GOOD campaigns, CCP incurs various indirect costs such as VAT, credit card transaction fees, fraud screening, etc. that have the effect of reducing the final amount that may be contributed to the charity. As a result, the “current market value” of a PLEX may differ from the amount actually received by the charity.

Can I perform fundraising in game for PLEX for GOOD?

In the past, a number of players have decided that they would like to crowd source their fundraising efforts in game by running collections, or sales and auctions of items in order to raise PLEX for donations. CCP have no problem with players doing so, however the organizer of every drive of this nature must register their intent to do so in a Support Ticket with the Community Team so as we may ensure that the the drive is monitored for potential scamming.

In order to register your intent to host a fund raising drive, you must create a thread on the In game events and gatherings forum, prefixed with the tag "PLEX for GOOD" in the subject, detailing the charity drive, and file a Support Ticket under the Community category for approval. The event may only go ahead once approval has been given by the Community Team.

Warning: All fund raising drives must be non-profit in nature. Drives which allow the organizer or any other player of EVE Online to profit in any way are strictly prohibited, and will not be permitted to go ahead.

How do I create a PLEX?

Read up about PLEX here.

How do I convert GTC to PLEX?

Information on that can be found here.

How do I create a contract?

Information on that can be found here. (Note: it is done ingame).

Who do I assign the contract to?

As mentioned in the devblog, the character that you are supposed to send the PLEX to is called "CCP PLEX For GOOD". Please make sure the name is spelled exactly correct, so that you don't send it to the wrong player.


I was scammed in relation to PLEX for GOOD!!

If someone uses this initiative to scam you, then please report it immediately through a support ticket ingame. Not only is this unethical and morally reprehensible behavior, it also potentially reduces the amount of money our players are able to donate, which is unacceptable.

Warning: Attempting to scam in relation to the PLEX for GOOD program will result in the offender, or offenders, being permanently banned from EVE Online.

Is my contribution tax-deductible?

No, in most jurisdictions, your PLEX donation is not tax-deductible.

I'm still confused, how exactly does this process work?

To cut the story short, you buy a PLEX via account management or the ingame market, or use one that you have been holding, and then you make a contract and assign it to the player "CCP PLEX For GOOD". This player is controlled by CCP, and all PLEX assigned to this player through contracts will be converted into real money and sent to charity.