PLEX Reactivation

This page will explain how to reactivate an expired account using PLEX if you have not already used our Reverse Redeeming system.


Secure: Account Management Page

When an account has expired, the option to reactivate the account for PLEX activation will appear under the "Game Time" section of the account management page.


PLEX Button Offer

The PLEX button page will explain that this feature is intended for use by those who have let their account expire and wish to reactivate via PLEX. It will also explain that this offer must not be abused, and that if you fail to activate your account after using the PLEX button then this option will no longer be available to you. If you wish to request that the PLEX button be re-enabled then you will have to Contact Customer Support via our petition system.


PLEX Button Activated

Once successfully activated you will be reminded to renew your account within 4 hours and that this option will be disabled should you forget to reactivate your account.


PLEX Button Expired

If you have used the PLEX button and not activated your account since then the option to do so will be disabled. As such you must Contact Customer Support to explain why this may be the case and to request a second chance.