Our Man Dagan

Epic Mission Arc: The Blood-Stained Stars
Mission 48: Our Man Dagan



Mission type: Contact, Arc Mission
Recommended Damage: N/A
Recommended Resists: N/A
System: Avyuh
Station: None
Deadspace: No
Previous Mission: Mission 47: The Amarr Commander
Previous Mission: Mission 47: The Caldari Commander
Previous Mission: Mission 47: The Gallente Commander
Previous Mission: Mission 47: The Minmatar Commander
Next Mission: Mission 49: Dal Segno al Fine

Mission Briefing

Based on your information, we've determined Dagan's location. He's preparing to depart, but he won't get far. We've assembled a small task force to disable the station. They won't stand a chance against a capsuleer, though, especially not one as slippery as he is. We're just clearing the way for you. Good hunting.


Destroy Dagan's ship and bring him back to your agent.


All you need to do is warp to mission deadspece, warp drops you outside aggro range of NPC's. There are three escorts and Dagan's Ship. Escorts are as easy as all previous NPC's.

Dagan has a really strong shield that most class 1 frigates will not be able to burn down, which regenerates at 75-80% all the way to full.

Most will require a friend to assist with this mission to do the required amount of DPS to get past the shield, once this is gone however the rest are really easy.


250,000 credits
Bonus: 238,000 credits if completed within 6 hours.
Bounties: 202,500 credits