Optimizing the EVE Online Client

Large scale conflicts in EVE Online can involve hundreds of pilots on either side. Performance can be reduced under such stressed or loaded circumstances, so here are a few tips and tricks to optimize your client for such events.

Overview & bracket settings

You can access the overview and bracket settings by right clicking on the small white arrow next to the overview bar on your overview while in space.

  1. In the Filters tab, go to the Types tab and press Deselect All.
  2. Right click on the small arrow in your overview bar and select Save Type Selection As... and save it under an easily identifiable name as pictured below.

  3. Go to the Overview Tabs tab in the overview settings. In the Overview Profile column, select your new settings from there. In the Bracket Profile column, select your new settings again.



  4. Press apply and all brackets in space should be removed.

Game menu options

You can access the game menu by pressing ESC.

  1. Go to the Display & Graphics tab.
  2. Set your Cache Size to as high as your computer can handle.
  3. Uncheck the options for Turret Effects, Effects, Missile Effects and Trails.
  4. Apply changes.

Other Information