Obsidian Ochre

Obsidian Ochre

Obsidian Ochre Obsidian Ochre, the most valuable member of the Dark Ochre family, was only first discovered a decade ago. The sleek black surface of this mineral managed to reflect scanning waves, making Obsidian Ochre asteroids almost invisible. Advances in scanning technology revealed these beauties at last.

Considered worthless for years, the Dark Ochre family of ores was ignored by most miners until improved refining techniques managed to extract the huge amount of Nocxium inside it, the highest ratio of Nocxium found in any ore in the universe.


Reprocessing Skill

Reprocessing Skill
Dark Ochre Processing



8 m3


Required skills

Primary Skill required
Mining Mining

Batch size 100. Per batch this can potentially be refined into

Isogen Megacyte
Mexallon Morphite
Nocxium 190 Pyerite
Tritanium 9685 Zydrine 95