OUCH (Player corporation)

Name Open University of Celestial Hardship
Ticker [0UCH]
Alliance Art of War Alliance
CEO Miss Teri
Founded December 15th, 2009
Founded by Black Claw
Status Active
Headquarters Berta
Public Channel OUCH-UNI
Website http://ouch.artofwar-alliance.com/

OUCH is the Open University of Celestial Hardship.

Our purpose is to teach you how to survive and even prosper in nullsec (hence the 'university of celestial hardship').

Our motto: Kill more, die less.

We take pilots of all ages and all backgrounds, and we help them learn how to deal with life in nullsec (0.0 space). This includes nullsec survival techniques, as well as PVP training.

In-game: Join OUCH's public channel OUCH-UNI for more info.