Not getting security status gains

Why am I not getting security status increases?

Currently, the only way you can get a boost to your security rating is by killing NPC pirates. Doing agent missions do increase your security status as well, but the NPCs you kill have to be regular asteroid belt pirates. With NPC combat, you get one rating increase for the single most difficult pirate you killed over a 15 minute time period.

In addition, once your security rating reaches a high enough level, certain NPC pirates stop giving you security increases. This is a feature intended to ensure that you're fighting NPCs at your own level, and not just continually picking off the easiest ones. You still get the bounty for all pirates.

A few examples of the "roof" for these pirates are Angel Outlaw at 0.75, Blood Harbinger at 4.75, Guristas Annihilator at 2.5, Sansha's Devourer at 3.0 and Serpentis Fugitive at 0.5. For each of these, once your security rating goes above the stated numerical value, you stop getting security boosts for killing them. These particular examples are meant for illustration; the security limit for each pirate can be expected to change at any time in response to normal game evolution.

If your security status logs don't show any changes, and you've been killing pirates like mad, we suggest you stock up, head into low security space and try your guns against more difficult NPCs.

Using these methods, the maximum security status a player may reach at the time being is +5.00, after which the only way to increase it any further is via the use of special, one time only agents found in space or by killing a lot of named Officer NPC's..