Ninavask (Character)

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Name Ninavask
Gender Male
Race Gallente
Bloodline Gallente
Licensed 15/06/112YC
Corporation The Synenose Accord
Occupation Chief Executive Officer, Alliance Executor, Medical Doctor
Specialization Covert Operations

Anti-Pirate Operations (Missions)

Biotechnology Research

Place of Birth: Averon V- Averon Solar System
Date of Birth: 2-11-83 YC
Height: 195 cm
Weight 120.42 Kilograms
Graduated: Federation Naval Academy (YC 97); Center for Advanced Studies (YC 112)
Degrees: Federation Navy Special Forces, Federation Navy Covert Operations, Center for Advanced Studies degree in Biotechnology, Center for Advanced Studies degree in Medicine
Awards and Commendations: Sleeper Campaign Medal,

Scientific Medal,

Eye of Providence Campaign Medal

Ninavask Revan (born November 2nd 83 YC) is a Gallente Capsuleer, Medical Doctor, and Biotechnology Researcher as well as being Chief Executive Officer, or Commander, of The Synenose Accord. Ninavask is also a former frigate pilot for the Federation Navy.



Ninavask was born on Averon V in the Averon Solar System of the Gallente Federation. He is the third child of three. His father, Alexander Elias Revan, was a Federation Navy Dominix Battleship captain, and his mother, Kari Kristine Revan, a Captain of a Myrmidon class Battlecruiser. He had an elder brother and elder sister, Nicholas and Diane Revan respectively.

The young Ninavask Revan attended mainstream Gallente public school however in 93 YC he enrolled in the Federation Naval Academy, eventually graduating in 97 YC as a Federation Frigate Patrol Frigate pilot. Where he served until 108 YC when he was honorably Discharged and joined the Center for Advanced Studies, pursuing a medical career.

During 110 YC the loss of Ninavask's Mother, Father, and Fiancee during the events surrounding the Malkalen Incident and subsequent Invasion of Luminaire. He appeared to have, after the initial grief, began to dedicate himself to his studies throughout the remaining courses of his time in the Center for Advanced Studies. Eventually submitting into the Capsuleer Program in 112 YC and successfully graduating with his Capsuleer License as well earning his Medical Doctorate, with a minor doctorate in Biotechnology.

Capsuleer History

Ninavask graduated from the Center for Advance Studies Capsuleer Program on June 15th 112 YC and eleven days later joined a small freelance Capsuleer corporation based out of Everyshore that has since closed down. During this time Ninavask became involved in the Synenose Accord during their operations of the Nation War of Resurgence. After just shy of two months of work with Eurox, Ninavask formed his own corporation, which lasted less then a week before he joined The Synenose Accord directly under the leadership of Julianus Soter (now Director of Moira) and has remained in the Accord ever since. Eventually rising to become the acting CEO during the summer of YC 114 and early 115. By extension becoming the Executor of the Celestial Imperative Alliance.

It is believed Ninavask's only remaining relative is his Elder Brother, who still lives in the Averon Solar System. His sister having been reported abducted, presumed dead, during the Sansha's Nation Incursion on the Obray Constellation.


Doctor Ninavask Revan is an avid biotechnology researcher and is a known financier of utilitarian body modding. As well, as of November YC 114 he has begun to offer his own surgical modification services to other capsuleers and non-capsuleers. Including but not limited to entire bio-mechanical augmentation, and professes to follow all of CONCORD's various laws and regulations over capsuleer body modding.

Personal Life

During the events of YC 110 Ninavask lost his mother, father, and his fiancee at the time, an unknown Achuran female who was present during the Malkalan incident. During YC 113 he reported his current Fiancee missing to CONCORD, a gallente capsuleer, citing possible Sansha's Nation involvement. Little else is known about his personal life, though he is commonly seen in the Synenose Accord Public Channel and The Summit.