New Life Project

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Be Reborn

The New Life Project is a program dedicated to physical and psychological treatment and education of any person who has would have difficulty living as a free person in society.


The New Life Program was first created by several capsuleers around the year 108, though it was not affiliated with the corporation itself. At this time, the focus was on taking in former slaves from the Amarrian Empire and other slave holding entities, and helping them to function as a free person. For many former slaves, this was a challenge as they had been born and raised in an environment where many, if not all, of their choices were made for them. When freed, these people many times could not function and would fall back into letting someone else make their decisions for them, sometimes with disastrous results.

From this time, the Head of Capsuleer operations for New Life Project has passed between several capsuleers until the present. Currently, Capsuleer Saikoyu Eblis-Kad heads the department and looks to implement several changes to the New Life Project to improve it for the modern era.


The New Life Project currently has many planet and station based facilities over New Eden. Each facility is sized for its intended purpose, with many smaller offices scattered over the four empires intended to induct people into the program and funnel them into the larger planetary or station based facilities where education and treatment is carried out.

All necessary material is donated to or produced by the New Life Project, and all people entering the program are also given up freely by whoever transports them to a New Life office or representative. In addition to former slaves, the homeless and others who have fallen on harder times in capsuleer hands are also welcomed into the program.

Recently, Pilot Saikoyu has started a program of rewarding those who release slaves to the New Life Project through the CONCORD market interface. This program is intended to reward pilots who rescue slaves from ship wrecks and deliver them safely to a station instead of leaving them in space for fear of Empire customs.


Other than requests for donation, The New Life Project has rarely received much official notice. The one exception to this was in the year 110, when all of the planetary facilities of the New Life Project were destroyed, and the occupants listed as missing. Many of these individuals were later reported returned, but no official explanation was given as to who attacked the facilities and for what reason. Since this time, the facilities have been rebuilt or moved to stations, and defenses have been added to all New Life Project facilities.