New Eden crew guidelines


Crew Guidelines

Minimum Crew is the bare minimum number of personnel required to operate the vessel with only basic functions (i.e., assuming no modules fitted).

Maximum Capacity is the total number of bodies that can fit comfortably-but-snugly on board, including crew and personnel being transported, but without cargo expansion.

Stat. Avg. Survivor Rate is a notional average value for crew members and passengers combined, based on typical ship-to-ship scenarios. In cases where a ship gets one-shotted by a Titan super-weapon, for instance, there would most likely be no survivors at all; however, if a ship is slowly whittled down through armor and hull before blowing up, we can assume that maybe 80% or even 90% of its crew would get away in escape pods.

Crew Statistics

 Class (All Tiers) 

 Minimum Crew (NPC

 Minimum Crew (Capsuleer

 Maximum Capacity 

 Stat. Avg. Survivor Rate 


1 - 2  


5 - 8  



2 – 10  

1 - 3  

10 – 40  



10 – 30  

6 – 20  

40 – 90  



20 – 75  

10 – 50  

200 – 700  

5 – 10%  


40 – 170  

15 – 100  

300 – 950  

15 – 30%  


200 – 550  

100 – 300  

4,000 – 9,500  

25 – 50%  


700 – 1,500  

350 – 700  

10,000 – 18,000  

30 – 60%  


600 – 1,200  

300 – 800  

10,000 – 25,000  

15 – 30%  


1,500 – 3,000  

1,000 – 1,700  

20,000 – 50,000  

40 – 60%  


6,000 – 10,000  

3,000 – 6,000  

70,000 – 145,000  

20 – 80%*  

* Most often, a Titan is nuked by other Titans and their doomsdays, meaning they go down fast with little chance of survival. However, in virtually any other case, survival rates are very high.

Typical Range of Crew Complement by Racial Ship Designs

Amarr: Mid-range

Caldari: Mid- to upper-range

Gallente: Lower-range

Minmatar: Upper-range


Amarr ship designs incorporate more automation than many outsiders assume due to the sheer size of their fleets and their wide distribution across the Empire. While the Amarr military has legions of personnel, the vastness of the Empire and the requirements of the Navy mean that automation is essential, even on ships where there are complementary slave contingents.

Caldari vessels are noted for their advanced technology, but many overlook the fact that, with respect to crew complements, the Caldari Navy and corporate security forces are rather old-fashioned. Caldari society is highly militarized, and this, together with the relatively small size of their fleets compared to the other empires, has meant that they have never been under pressure of crew shortages. As a consequence, crew-substitute automatic systems are less in evidence in typical Caldari designs.

The Gallente Federation may have a large population but the average citizen is not inclined to join the Federal military. Moreover, the pressures of the first Caldari-Gallente War led the Federation to invest heavily in automation and military drones. This tendency has continued ever since, and the Gallente Navy has always ensured that their vessels are highly automated so as to allow them maximum use of their relatively tight personnel pool.

The Minmatar have never suffered from lack of numbers, even while so many of their brothers and sisters are enslaved by the Amarr or living in the Gallente Federation. Their excellence lies in mechanical devices but less so in automated systems. As a result, the Minmatar use large numbers of crew on their vessels. Some of the more advanced designs may be less rigid in this regard, but nearly any Minmatar ship will seem crowded compared to its contemporaries of other empires.