Neural remapping

A neural remap is an action which changes a character's attributes, using a point-based system such that the character's attribute sum remains constant. Neural remapping is used to facilitate a change in the direction of a pilot's skill plan. For example, a new pilot may choose at first to learn to mine ore as efficiently as possible and will focus on industrial skills. Once that goal is achieved the pilot may want to switch to focus PvP skills such as spaceship command and gunnery. To make the learning most efficient the pilot will use neural remapping.

If you have a neural remap available, you can access it through the “Remap Now” button on your character sheet under attributes.

Rules for Neural Remapping

  • There are two distinct kinds of remaps: timed and bonus.
  • Each new pilot starts with three free neural remaps (1 timed and 2 bonus) that may be used immediately.
  • Timed remaps are always used first, and therefore bonus remaps are always used last.
  • Once all timed remaps have been used, a 365 day timer begins. After this timer ends, a new timed remap becomes available.
  • Bonus remaps do not affect the timer.
  • Bonus remaps are not awarded on a timer, but are given out as special gifts for certain events.
  • Each attribute cannot have more than 27 base points. This means that any given attribute will have a maximum value of 32 if the best implants available are used.
  • Each attribute cannot have less than 17 base points.
  • The neural remap request cannot be saved until all the attribute points have been assigned.

Accessing the Neural Remapping feature

If you have a neural remap available you can access it through the Remap Now button on your character sheet under Attributes.

Neural Remapping - 1.PNG

Assigning Attribute Points

You can add or subtract an attribute point from any of your attributes by using the “+” and “–” buttons in the same row as the attribute in question. You can see your unassigned attribute points at the bottom of the window.

Neural Remapping - 2.PNG

Once you have reassigned the attribute points as you like click on “Save Changes”. You will receive a confirmation screen to ensure that you have set your attributes as you wanted. Since you cannot make a change for another year, take the time to double check if everything is in order before you proceed.

Neural Remapping - 3.PNG

Because of the restriction on minimum points-per-attribute, some bloodlines which previously started with less than 4 points on some attributes cannot remap without moving more points to these attributes.