Moving Onwards

Moving Onwards - Aura

Mission Description

You've completed your basic training, player name. Now you're ready for something more involving.

There are a number of career training agents not far from here who can teach you about all the various activities and careers available to you. They'll let you get hands-on training and experience with everything from asteroid mining to deep space exploration.

When you're ready, I will refer you to them. You should take everything else with you as well, since you probably won't be coming back here afterward.

Mission Information

Type : Epic Arc - Courier

Location : Neighboring system

Mission Level : 1

Part of a Mission Chain : Yes

Mission Goal

Transport one unit of Clearance Papers to the drop-off location.

Tips and Help

Bring all your possessions with you. Make sure you drag the mission item into your cargo hold before you undock. Once you arrive, you can talk to any of the 5 career agents and complete their missions.


Additional Information About this Mission

Total Bounties:
Granted Item:
Mission Reward: 500 credits
Bonus Reward:

Enemy Ships:

Best Damage Type to Use During Stage: '

Best Resistances to Have During Stage: '