Moving Day

Moving Day
Escalates From Rogue Trial Yard
Security Lowsec
Regions Aridia
Max Stages 4
Pirate type Rogue Drones

This escalation chain can be given at the end of Rogue Trial Yard.

"Mid fight you noticed a transport ship coming in from warp accompanied by a few drone escorts and after some targeted scans your instruments get a suspicious reading along their incoming warp trajectory. "


Escalation Site 1

  • 3 Strain Decimator FR
  • 4 Silverfish Alvi FR
  • 6 Violator Alvum CR


  • 6 Escort Drone CR
  • 1 Crippler Alvatis CR
  • 1 Sentient Viral Infector Alvum CR

Loot found: 10/06/2015 - Sentient Omnidirectional Tracking Link

When you kill the Sentient Drone, you may get an escalation message for the next site

"Not only did you find a small convoy, but mid fight, another similar convoy warped in on you. As soon as the last drones blow up, your instruments are ready with the next reading. "

Escalation Site 2

  • 3 Strain Barracude Alvi FR
  • 2 Exterminator Alvatis CR


  • 3 Shatter Alvior FR
  • 4 Crippler Alvatis CR


  • 1 Strain Raider Alvi FR
  • 1 Siege Alvatis CR
  • 1 Sentient Violator Alvum CR


  • 4 Strain Bomber Alvum CR
  • 3 Defeater Alvastis CR

Again killing the Sentient Drone may give a further escalation

"Not one, not two, but three "convoyettes". This is starting to look like beads on a string, or rather; trail of ants. And there seem to be more out there! "

Escalation Site 3

  • 2 Barracuda Alvi FR
  • 1 Sentient Bomber Alvum CR


  • 2 Exterminator Alvus CR
  • 3 Strain Bomber Alvum CR


  • 4 splinter alvi FR
  • 1 Render Alvi FR


  • 2 Ripper Alvior FR
  • 3 Striker Alvastis CR

Kill the Sentient Drone for the next escalation. As it is present in the initial spawn, this site can be completed quickly.

"Again you manage to get your claws into three small convoys. Killing these is easy, like stealing candy from a child. One can just follow these guys and rake up the goodies. And more are on the horizon! "

Escalation Site 4

4 Construction Drone FR


  • 1 Strain Barracude Alvi FR
  • 1 Strain Viral Infector Alvum CR


  • 3 Atomizer Alvum CR (does not auto aggro, trigger for spawn *)


  • 2 Strain Devilfish Alvi FR
  • 3 Exterminator Alvis CR


  • 3 Shedder Alvior FR
  • 2 Crippler Alvatis CR
  • 1 Transport Guard CR

Spawn *

  • 4 sunder Alvi (triggers for spawn **)

Spawn **

  • Hive Logistics Overseer

The Overseer wreck contains a quantity of T2 salvage (i.e. no salvaging needed). Upon killing it the escalation chain is completed.

"All good things come to an end, this small and torn down hive was probably the old residence to those eminent machines and they busy moving everything to their new place. You kind of hope these drones don’t have the capacity to bear a grudge now that you have destroyed both their old home and their future one as well. But then again, if they could, it would not matter much; you didn’t leave any of them in large enough pieces to bear anything again. "

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