Manufacturing and Invention at POSes (CSM)



Summary of the Problem

When saying "lab", I refer to labs and assembly arrays equally, the issues are identical.

The current situation:

  • For a blueprint to be visible from the S&I or asset interface, it needs to be on the "floor" of a division in the corp hangar (not in cans) or the person needs to be less than 2500m from the lab
  • For an invention job to start, the division of lab in which the job is installed has to be seeded with the appropriate datacores, decryptors, Meta-Level items. Only the BPC can be in station. Copies also spawn in the lab.
  • For a manufacturing job to start, the division of the assembly in which the job is installed has to be seeded with the appropriate minerals, components, NPC items, etc.

The issues:

  • Blueprints are not visible when they're in labs, except if the person sits less than 2500m from the lab, regardless the level of Scientific Networking skills. This means that the blueprints have to be in the corp hangar or that the inventor needs to be sitting at the POS permanently.
  • When running more than one lab for invention purposes, each lab has to be independantly seeded with datacores, decryptors and meta-level items. If one is to invent more than one item, it becomes a nightmare very fast to determine from the station which BP has to be invented in what lab. Cans are not an option (can't start a job from them), sitting at the POS permanently with the BPCs in the labs is the only manageable/viable solution.
  • Assembly Arrays suffer from the same problem, manufacturing different items (especially with T2 or "exotic" T1) is extremely tedious as one is required to keep track of stock levels as a function of what jobs is going to be installed in what assembly. While it's not entirely problematic with single item production, it becomes one for multi-item production.
  • stations/outposts are not available everywhere in 0.0, producing at a POS in 0.0 therefore requires the manufacturer/inventor to stay on site all the time.

The Proposed Solution

  • Make blueprints in labs/assemblies the user has access to visible from afar, according to the Scientific Networking skill, at least optionally
  • Make labs "pool" resources through a corporate hangar array. If a lab is missing a datacore, decryptor or ML-Item and one is available in the same division of an online corporate hangar array the installer has access to, the lab takes the resource from there. This behaviour could be made toggleable through a checkbox.

List of Pros and Cons


The changes this proposal would induce have basically no downside as they are additions to the existing paradigm and are either not going to change anything or are likely to cause more resources being present in labs as opposed to stations, should the user chose to make use of the extra feature.