Manufacturing or Production

Manufacturing or production refers to activities involving players creating items.

In EVE, players can manufacture many items and ships for themselves.

Manufacturing is the primary source of all ships, Tech 1 and Tech 2 ship equipment, ammunition, boosters, and several other miscellaneous items.

Many varieties of manufacturing can be done by any player, with no skill requirements, though some items require millions of skill points on the part of the manufacturer. All manufacturing requires, at a minimum, the following items:

Research and Skills

The blueprint you use, Blueprint Original(BPO) or a Blueprint Copy(BPC), and the level of PE or ME research of the blueprint will govern how long the manufacturing process takes and how much materials needed.

As well, many skills affect manufacturing:

Start a job

In order to start a job, all the necessary components must be present in the same station/POS,including enough materials for the desired number of runs, and in the case of a NPC factory, an isk payment must be made to rent the factory slot.

After all runs are completed, the manufacturing job will be finished, and the manufactured goods will be available in the station.

A Quick Guide To Start a Job
  • 1. Get all the material you need.
  • 2. Click on the Industry tab (Fig. 1.)
Fig. 1.
  • 3. Click on the "Installations" tab
  • 4. See that the filter is like this: (Fig. 1.1)
    • Activity = Manufacturing
    • Location = Any
    • Rang= Current Solar System
    • Type = Public
    • Prod. Category = All
    • Prod Grupp = All
Fig. 1.1
  • 5. See if you have standing with one of the station owners. if you do, select the station and see if there is any free slots.
  • 6. When you have found a station with a free slot, move the BP and Materials over to the station.
  • 7. Right click on the BP and select Manufacturing (Fig. 2.)
Fig. 2.
    • Click on "Pick Installation" and double click on a free slot. (Fig. 3.)
Fig 3.
Fig. 4.
  • 8. If you have all the Materials there will be a green check mark (Fig. 5.)
Fig. 5.
  • 9. Click on the "Accept Quote" and there you go, you have now started a manufacturing job


  • BPO = Blueprint Original
  • BPC = Blueprint Copy
  • ML/ME = Material Level
  • PL/PE = Productivity Level



A player wishes to produce 10 Core Defence Field Purger I using a 1000 run Blueprint Copy (BPC).

The blueprint has the following attributes...

The player has the following skills...

The base material costs for the blue print are as follows...

There are no wasted materials due to a lack of skills and, using the formula involving Material Level, 10 / (100 + 1) = 0.099%, we can see there is 0.099% wastage due to the Material Level of the blueprint. This wasteage is included in the base material costs shown on the blueprint.

Combined costs for 10 runs are then

If instead the blueprint has the following attributes...

The base material costs for the blue print are as follows...

There are no wasted materials due to a lack of skills and, using the formula involving Material Level, 10 / (9 + 1) = 1%, there is an obvious 1% increase in the material taken compared to the above example.

Combined costs for 10 runs are then

Note that the Ward Consoles do not use any additional material. The waste is calculated at the single run level, and rounded to the nearest whole unit. This whole number is multiplied by the number of runs to determine a final cost.

The player has all the materials in a NPC station with factory slots, sets it to manufacture, and pays the appropriate amount of isk. With this player's skills, manufacturing will take 8 minutes per unit, or 80 minutes total. When the player comes back and finishes the job 80 minutes (or more) later, they will have 10 Purger rigs and a 990-run blueprint copy.


Lab/Factory Already Taken

It happens on occasion that two individuals select the same slot at the same time and start setting up their job. When this happens, the one who finishes the setup first will get the slot right away while the latter will have to wait until the other finishes his job.

This is difficult to prevent but we don't recommend rushing through the job setup as if you make a mistake and then cancel your job, you will lose the entire bill of materials and whatever progress you had made in the production.

Time Delay Issue

Note that it can take the server a while to process the requested job, so refreshing the job's status after a few minutes should display its correct status.

Cancelling a Job

If cancelled, only the blueprint will be returned. The materials will be lost and the slot will be rented until the normal expiration date.


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