Malkalen catastrophe

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The Malkalen Catastrophe was an incident which occurred YC 110 05.15 at a major economic summit hosted by the Caldari megacorporation Ishukone Corporation in the Malkalen system of the Lonetrek region. The event played host to many Federation delegates in the hopes of easing tensions between the two empires and increasing trade.

During the summit, the Federation Navy Nyx supercarrier 'Wandering Saint', under command of Admiral Alexander Noir, crashed into the Ishukone station killing "hundreds of thousands", including Ishukone CEO Otro Gariushi. The entire Federation delegation was also wiped out, including Federation Economic Minister Wadis Chene. Audio was later discovered indicating the attack was deliberate. This came to the shock of many, as Chene was a longtime advocate of peace.

The incident brought racial tensions between the two empires to its worst levels since the Gallente-Caldari War and eventually led to the Empyrean Wars.



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In YC110, Ishukone CEO Otro Gariushi was one of the few megacorporation heads to denounce Heth's sudden ascension to power. In a national address, Gariushi sought to calm lower class rioting throughout the Caldari State. While thankful for pointing out how management had lost its way, Gariushi was seriously concerned Heth was using the situation to scapegoat the Gallente. Violence had decreased in both nations after Gariushi's national address. [1]

In order to stop the bleeding and quickly heal relations between the two empires, Gariushi arranged with Federation President Souro Foiritan for an economic summitt to take place at the Ishukone headquarters in the Malkalen system, Lonetrek region. Attending on behalf of the president would be economic minister Wadis Chene, who helped architect spectacular growth in the Federation over the previous five years. Admiral Alexander Noir, the popular recipient of the Aidonis Award, was slated to deliver the Federation delegation to Ishukone headquarters. [2]

Days later, the summit began with much fanfare. Ishukone and Federation delegates met and in a joint press conference both delegations urge Tibus Heth to pursue the path of peace. Otro Gariushi deverted a question on if he was trying to supersede Heth's 'power play", he replied: "wasn't aware of any power contests in this part of the State", drawing a chuckle from the audience that quickly evolved into full-blown cheering from the Ishukone crowd. [3]


Nyx Class Supercarrier 'Wandering Saint' On Collision Course
'Wandering Saint' Exploding As It Impacts With Ishukone Station

At approximately 12:41, all hell broke loose. A general evacuation order was issued as the Nyx Class Supercarrier 'Wandering Saint' appear to be on a direct collision course with the station. Video footage [4] emerged shortly after, and indeed the carrier collided with the station, exploding on impact. Local audio picked up during the incident indicated Admiral Alexander Noir intentionally piloted the ship on a suicide course with the station.

Audio transcript:

""I have an obligation to my beloved Federation to settle accounts with this hateful race, these cursed Caldarians. For my entire life, I have mourned for Hueromont, wishing, praying, willing for the day when I could strike back on behalf of those souls who perished. Fate has bestowed upon me this grand opportunity, this great day, to take vengeance for all those who gave their lives for the Federation, the true guardian of our precious Gallentean race . . . may you rest in peace now, brave souls of Hueromont, and you, kindred spirits of Nouvelle Rouvenor, knowing that I will take back what was stolen from you . . . Curse you, Caldari . . . may I take as many of you with me that I can!"'"

Immediately, Caldari communications networks were in a state of meltdown with relatives and loved ones inquiring about the dead. The Ishukone Corporation released a statement announcing the formation of an emergency disaster relief program. The damage caused by the impact of the FNS Wandering Saint on the Ishukone Headquarters station had left many survivors trapped within the superstructure, and while repair and rescue crews battled to rescue them, efforts were hampered by chemical fires, extensive power failures and the constant threat of further decompressions. The corporation itself was in a state of complete disarray with no proper chain of command. [5]

On YC110 05.16, Otro Gariushi, as well as the entire Federation delegation, were confirmed among the dead of as a result of the disaster. All told, the death count reach the "hundreds of thousands". [6]


Following the catastrophe, Caldari-Gallente tensions reached a fever pitch. Although the disaster relief was overwhelming, some in the Federation chose to purposely profit while hurting the efforts to aid victims. [7] Joint military operations were held between the Gallente and Minmatar, signaling preparation for war.

On YC110 05.23, having suffered a major political setback and loss of power, the Isukone board agreed to grant strategic control of industrial operations to Tibus Heth, joining the rest of the mega-corporations in their partnership with the Caldari Providence Directorate. Ishukone corporation remained in a state of crisis for months.

After the Malkalen Catastrophe, military conflict became inevitable. President Foiritan tried to convince Tibus Heth the incident
was the act of a single madman acting alone. Heth would instead blame the Gallente people at large. Shortly after, Tibus Heth
led the attack to reclaim Caldari Prime and the Empyrean Wars began.

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