Making Mountains of Molehills 9 of 10

Making Mountains of Molehills 9 of 10 - Various

Mission Description

You think you got problems? Listen to this: You know those pirates from earlier? The Serpentis clowns you wiped out? Turns out I had a spy in my production team, and he works for the Serpentis. Nice, huh? Anyways, this former assistant has taken refuge with some small-time pirate, feeding him information about my precious mining coordinates.

I need you to draw this thief out. I know you're a highly trained pilot, and you mixed it up fine with those rogue drones earlier, so you can help me out. Right?

Okay, so here's the plan. You act as a decoy, mining until the enemy turns up, and then you destroy him and his ship. Simple and elegant, huh? Oh, and that traitorous employee of mine? I want you to bring him back if he survives. Ooh, I've got some big plans for him...

By the way, feel free to keep whatever ore you find out there. refine it for yourself, sell it, whatever. It's yours.

Mission Information

Type : Combat

Location : Deadspace

Mission Level : 1

Part of a Mission Chain : Yes

Mission Goal

Fly to the objective location, mine some ore and destroy the pirates that show up.

Tips and Help


Additional Information About this Mission

Total Bounties:

Granted Item:

Mission Reward: 48000 credits

Bonus Reward: 63000 credits if missions is completed within 1 hour and 18 minutes.

ISK or credit rewards of a mission will differ slightly amongst different players, see Missions guide for answers.

Enemy Ships:

Best Damage Type to Use During Stage: '

Best Resistances to Have During Stage: '

  • Start:
  • Amarr: Industry Agent Zidah Arvo
  • Caldari: Industry Agents Kokseri Velen and Abishi Tian
  • Gallente: Industry Agents Houve Raennere and Voenins Blune
  • Minmatar: Industry Agents Uba Virserin