Maiden Miranda (Character)

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Name Maiden Miranda
Gender Female
Race Minmatar
Bloodline Sebiestor
Date of Birth YC 89.02.07
Licensed YC 111.11.28
Corporation Undisclosed
Occupation Strategic Adviser
Specialization Military Logistics


Early Life

Miranda was born in YC 89 aboard her family’s ship, a blockade runner called Maud. Her family was active in the Minmatar rebellion against the Amarr, using Maud to smuggle weapons to rebel bases along the border.

Death of Miranda's Parents

In YC 96, Maud was caught by an Amarr patrol. The unarmed blockade runner had no way to fight off the attack and was quickly destroyed. Fortunately, Miranda and several other crew members managed to make it to an escape pod before the ship’s destruction. Unfortunately, Miranda’s parents were not among them. When Maud exploded, the escape pod was only just undocking, not yet a safe distance away. The pod took severe damage, including the total destruction of its propulsion system causing it to drift as if part of the debris field. Not noticing the pod, the patrol quickly left.

Several days went by before rescue arrived. A rebel cruiser came across Maud’s wreck where close examination revealed the escape pod. The starved survivors were then taken to a nearby rebel base.

Military Life

Initially, the Maud survivors were supposed to be taken back to safety within the Minmatar Republic however the base commander felt a deep attachment for Miranda who was now orphaned. He decided to adopt her. Miranda quickly adapted to life at the base.

By YC 106, at the age of 17, Miranda was expressing a strong knowledge of military strategy, taking an active role in the rebellion by helping coordinate fleet movements.

Becoming a Capsuleer

In December YC 110, Empress Jamyl I emancipated the majority of Minmatar slaves in the Amarr Empire. With this, the rebel’s task was complete.

Miranda moved to Matar in Pator. For the first time, she had a stable life. Sadly, she quickly grew tired of this stable, safe life. All she had ever known was life on the frontier. She missed the excitement and adventure. Finally, in YC 111, Miranda joined Pator Tech School as a capsuleer hoping to return some excitement to her life.