Lucius Vindictus (Character)

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Name Lucius Vindictus
Gender Undisclosed
Race Amarr
Bloodline True Amarr
Licensed April 30, year 108
Corporation Khanid Trade Syndicate
Occupation Merchant
Specialization Amarrian starships

Lucius Vindictus is an Amarrian capsuleer merchant. He is an active trader and industrialist most at home on the interstellar marketplace, though he is also trained in many forms of combat. Lucius is often seen in mercantile clubs where he promotes trade in the spirit of the Caldari-Amarr Economic Stimulus Agreement. He is most active on the trade routes between the Amarr Empire, the Khanid Kingdom, the Ammatar Mandate, as well as the Caldari State. He has taken a particular interest in the Khanid Region, and has joined the wealthy Khanid Trade Syndicate where he has quickly risen to a director position.


Imperial Army career:

Lucius was born in Yr-85 on Amarr VIII (Oris) to lesser Amarrian nobles. His family was low in the noble hierarchy due to their Udorian ancestry. Because his family had strong militant sympathies with House Sarum, it shared their dream of renewing the reclaiming, while abhorring the policies of political appeasement under Emperor Heideran VII. As arranged at his birth, when Lucius came of age in Yr-101 he joined the ranks of the Imperial Army and was initially deployed in Dam-Karnas on Oris. He rapidly advanced through training and due to his noble birth he was soon promoted to a junior officer serving under general Haseen Gubala.

After he completed the advanced officers training for his level and making sure he met the other entry requirements, Lucius enrolled in the Imperial Academy to persue further military education. It was in the Academy that his tutors discovered his rare gift and selected him for the capsule program.

Lucius Vindictus took part in many wars and military campaigns with the Ordo Magna in addition to being a retired veteran of the crusade.

After passing the rigorous physical and psychological screenings he was taken to the Imperial Academy School orbiting the moon of Chaven VIII. Academy tutor Budu Jatrad oversaw the last stages of his training and finally completed the process by granting him his pod licence in Yr-108.

Early capsuleer career:

While working as a capsuleer freelancer for the Theology Council Lucius became intrigued with a somewhat controversial fellow capsuleer named Sepherim. A critical investigation into his background quickly led to a personal meeting where curiosity turned into admiration. Soon after that meeting Lucius joined him in the Ordo Quaesitoris as his acolyte. This is where Lucius threw in his lot with the Amarrian loyalists among the capsuleer community. Following through a series of trials for the mind and soul, Lucius rose through the ranks of the Ordo Quaesitoris and soon became one of it's elusive Sephirots.

Over the years Lucius helped shape the future of the Ordo Quaesitoris that eventually founded the Ordo Magna alliance. Lucius took part in many of the Ordo's campaigns, including tours of duty with the 24th Imperial Crusade in the Ordo Quaesitoris and later in the shortlived Ordo Peregrinus. Lucius reluctantly left the Ordo Magna on good terms at the closing of his third year of service when support for the crusade by that organisation had evaporated.

24th Imperial Crusade:

In his years as a crusader in the Amarrian capsuleer militia Lucius Vindictus alternated between attacking the Republic and defending contested Amarrian systems. He was most active in attacking Minmatar low security space. There he conducted guerilla attacks against against Tribal Liberation Force forces and Republic Fleet installations.

Lucius was rewarded for his efforts, and in yr-112 he was promoted to the prestigious rank of Divine Commodore; the highest military honor currently available to capsuleers in the service of the Amarr Empire. After all Amarr systems were retaken and several Minmatar systems were under Amarrian occupation Lucius felt that his objectives had been met and retired from the crusade.

After the disappearance of Sepherim the Ordo Magna involved Lucius in trying to reform several times, but in the end these attempts failed. Most of it's members including Lucius then finally left. Lucius migrated to the Khanid Kingdom and joined the Khanid Trade Syndicate where he found a new home.

Contacting Lucius Vindictus:

Account status: ACTIVE
In-game channel: EKTPUB
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