Lord Eidolon II

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Name Lord Eidolon II
Gender Undisclosed
Race Gallente
Bloodline Gallente
Licensed Undisclosed
Corporation Ma'asei Merkabah
Occupation Classified
Specialization Classified

Full Name Vladimir Eidolon
Age 219
Clone Age Approx. 46
Hair White
Eyes White
Height 202.4 cm
Weight 97.5 kg
Bloodtype Unknown
Birthplace Nouvelle Rouvenor, Caldari Prime
Parents Unknown
Known Cybernetics ocular implants
Distinguishing Features

Presumed dead for several years, the bold and enigmatic Lord Eidolon has returned to New Eden amid the chaos of Sansha Kuvakei's Incursions. A veteran of the Gallente-Caldari War and illustrious former President of the Gallente Union (GU), Lord Eidolon remains a powerful and influential figure, and one of the wealthiest men in the galaxy. This mysterious spiritualist is able to plan events far in the future, and his true motives remain unclear. Despite the seeming setback of the death of his former self, Lord Eidolon continues his shadowy plots. Given his endless patience and penchant for complex schemes carried out in secrecy, it is likely the full results of his machinations will not appear for years to come.


Early Life

In 23132 AD, Vladimir Eidolon was born into aristocracy on Caldari Prime. There he grew up, living in the Gallentean underwater-city, Nouvelle Rouvenor. Little is known of his childhood, but it is believed he was very mature for a boy of his age, and could hold lengthy discussions with Gallentean scientists and politicians. His childhood friend was a Caldari girl named Lorna, whose parents were ambassadors of Caldari Prime who frequently visited the underwater city.

As a youth, Vladimir Eidolon enjoyed piloting his father's submarine, exploring the deep to yield its secrets. He made a surprising number of archaeological finds, and made money by selling them to Caldari museums. Yet some he kept to himself, never revealing them to the public.

In 23155, Eidolon was married to Lorna. This was without their parents' consent, who warned them that the union of a Gallentean and a Caldari was dangerous under the current political climate. In the news, the Gallentean fleet had discovered the existence of hidden Caldari colonies operating outside the jurisdiction of the Gallente Federation, and it was causing friction in the highest levels of government. If it led to conflict, the marriage could jeopardise their lives.

A few days later, Caldari Prime was blockaded by a fleet of Gallentean ships, and the increasing political tension made the Gallentean colonists at the underwater city uncomfortable. For the next few days nothing much happened. The Caldari were content to sit by the jump gates, while the Gallenteans were debating how to best negotiate a peace agreement. But the Caldari on Caldari Prime were restless. They found the Gallente blockade intolerable and soon small-scale guerrilla activities escalated into all out hostilities. Throughout this unrest, Eidolon was trying to enjoy his new life with Lorna. But the situation was obviously making this difficult, as the couple were seldom seen in public together.

One night, Eidolon had gone out alone on one of his submarine expeditions. On his way back, he could see Nouvelle Rouvenor, the underwater city, in all its glory, As he approached and made preparations to dock, tragedy struck. Unbeknownst to Eidolon, up on the surface of Caldari Prime, Caldari partisans had sabotaged the glass dome of the underwater city, causing an overload that would crack the outer layer. This caused the entire infrastructure of the Gallentean city to be crushed in an instant, as the water pressing in on the dome sucked in, then exploded. It caused a huge tidal wave, the underwater currents hurling Eidolon's submarine far away, spinning out of control, as the currents sucked in again. More than half a million perished inside the city, including Eidolon's entire family, and his wife. By chance Eidolon had been spared from sharing their fate. He was rescued by two other surviving Gallenteans, and the three grouped together and plotted to escape Caldari Prime before it was too late. Before they could properly formulate a plan, high above the clouds, the Gallentean fleet began a systematic orbital bombardment of the planet in retaliation for the city's destruction. The ground shook, buildings toppled and exploded, as Gallentean ion cannons pummelled the ground. Eidolon and his allies managed to take off in a Caldari shuttle just as the ground disappeared beneath them. Soon, the Caldari population had been driven to the mountains and the forests. Eidolon took the shuttle into orbit, broadcasting an SOS to the Gallenteans.

With no home or family life, Eidolon joined the military as the Gallente war machine grinded into gear. He served as a fighter pilot in the Federal Navy for a few months, but it wasn't until the Hueromont Incident that Eidolon earned his own command.

Over the next several decades, the war continued to rage, and by the time of the Battle of Iyen-Oursta, Eidolon held the military rank of Grand Admiral, and commanded his own personal Dominix-class Battleship, "The Eidolon". A consummate strategist, Grand Admiral Eidolon likened combat to art, and was an aficionado of both. He could cite inspirations, analyse motives and determine outcomes before his opponents had even consciously began formulating a move. Eidolon's name became a legend on the battlefields of the war.

After the declaration of peace in 23248, Eidolon retired from the military and went to live in the Bourynes system. He worked voluntarily in local archaeological circles for a while, lectured at the University, and performed work for charity, but soon became ever more reclusive, choosing to spend his time alone and without the comfort of others. Still he grieved the loss of his family, and the circumstances that had been forced upon his life. He developed an unhealthy obsession with xenoarchaeology in the months to come, and studying the ancient remains of alien civilisations lost eons ago became his sole focus in life.

Mysteriously, in 23300, Eidolon decided to dedicate his life to spiritualism, and completely shut himself off from the pain and suffering of the material world, which he began to see as fleeting and impermanent. He spent many years meditating, studying ancient texts, and 'strange artefacts'. Rumours of an evil force having consumed him ran rampant.

Society of Conscious Thought

After spending three decades in solitary meditation, in 23330, Eidolon mysteriously disappeared from the face of Bourynes, and was not seen again for eleven years. Many people believed him to be dead, but this was far from the truth. Eidolon had in fact made contact with a Jovian Elder at the Society of Conscious Thought on the planet Roua, by the name of Ix Runyer. Through a deep and lucid session of subconscious projection one fateful night, their minds linked, and they shared thoughts across the galaxy. Ix Runyer sensed great potential in the 'young' Gallentean (even though Eidolon was 198 years old at this point), and invited him to join the SOCT as a student.

Eidolon studied at the largest kitz on the planet Roua for more than twenty-one years under the tutelage of Runyer, and in that time became one of the SOCT's greatest students, eventually earning the elusive rank of 'Master'. A Master was a spiritual seeker who had reached a very notable degree of self-realisation. A Master had plumbed the depths of consciousness, and found that all life is One at the most fundamental level of existence. Eidolon's mastery of this concept also earned him the title of 'Lord', a decoration reserved for only a handful of SOCT graduates, who joined an elite sect known as the Order of Homo Superior.

It was around this time that Lord Eidolon published his most famous literary works, The Eidolon Legacy and The Tensor Concepts, and grew acquainted with the legendary Lord Cerberus, a fellow Master at the SOCT's Order of Homo Superior. Not long after, both Lord Eidolon and Lord Cerberus would voluntarily resign their commissions and leave the Order over ideological differences. This was highly controversial, since only a few Lords had ever deserted the SOCT in its long history. It was not until the year 23341 that Lord Eidolon would return to the Gallente Federation, unexpectedly and out-of-the-blue.

Curse Alliance and COSMOS

After Eidolon's return to the Gallente Federation, he became a capsuleer pilot, and joined the ranks of the fledgling corporation, Arcane Technologies. For a while he piloted a Thorax-class Cruiser, 'Damarus', before it was destroyed in an ambush by Shill DeGruin, a disgruntled former employee of the corporation. Later, he would fly 'The Eidolon', the Dominix-class Battleship he had commanded during the Gallente-Caldari War. It is during this time that Lord Eidolon would amass his vast fortune, working complex and lucrative trading schemes across the whole of New Eden, and fighting Archangel pirates deep in the Providence region of lawless space.

During Eidolon's time at Arcane Technologies, the corporation would go on to achieve a high level of notoriety and become one of the most powerful in the galaxy, and a leading member of the dreaded Curse Alliance. With strong connections to the evil M0o Corp, there were many who questioned Lord Eidolon's motives in these early days of his career, especially after his involvement in several key battles of the Curse-Fountain War, including the epic Battle of HED-GP.

In 23343, Lord Eidolon and Lord Cerberus co-founded the COSMOS Corporation, a private organisation from which they could conduct their nefarious business dealings across the galaxy. Little is known of the exact nature of COSMOS' work, much of it shrouded in secrecy, but there is evidence to suggest that highly advanced technology, and illegal eugenics experiments were involved at the Poteque Pharmaceuticals Laboratory in the Latari system.

Not long after the formation of COSMOS, Lord Eidolon employed the dangerous criminal, Blaze Selvaris, to the organisation. He revealed to the troubled young warrior that a pathway to immortality lay among the teachings of the Order of Homo Superior, and that he would share them with her, in return for her unquestioning loyalty. Lord Eidolon revealed incredible esoteric secrets to Selvaris, and poisoned her faculties with well-crafted words of praise and conspiracy. When it came time to make the fateful decision, Blaze Selvaris agreed to follow Eidolon's teachings and knelt before her new master. Eidolon took her under his wing as a protégé, teaching her everything he knew.

Gallente Union

The Gallente Union, founded by the late Butrus, started out as a small number of capsuleerss who saw the benefits of mutual co-operation and trade between member corporations. Early on, Lord Eidolon saw the potential of such an organisation, and devoted much of his time and resources to its development. Within two months he held the rank of Vice President, and soon after the death of Butrus (under mysterious circumstances), Lord Eidolon was elected to serve as the organisation's first President. Eidolon's vision was that the GU would become a successful faction operating independently of Federal jurisdiction, a safe haven for the capsuleer community where strength in numbers, cooperation, teamwork and friendship would bind the GU together. As a single entity, it was envisaged that the GU would be democratically run, with equal opportunities for all members to have a shot at the President's position.

Forming such an organisation would prove to be a mammoth task, but Eidolon worked tirelessly to achieve his goal. Soon after his election, he established the GU High Council and recruited a number of forward-thinking politicians in order to start laying out real policy. The Council soon began to formulate guidelines for member corporations, including an early, controversial ban on strip-mining (which was later abandoned). Politically challenged by certain elements outside the GU, and receiving a number of threats, Eidolon began a military build-up and established the Gallente Union Defence Forces (GUDF), the idea of which would enforce GU policy and police select star systems, as well as defend GU members from attack.

Following the unfortunate death of the Jovian delegate Misu Baniya, whose experimental ship had exploded, Lord Eidolon announced that the Gallente Union would assist in gathering the many fragments of Baniya's body that had been scattered across the galaxy, in an effort to win increased favour with the Jove Empire for the entire Federation population. Working in co-operation with Faramir of Evolution, and other illustrious figures, Eidolon spent a number of weeks accepting contributions of Jove parts from Gallentean pilots in the Luminaire system. During this time, the Gallenteans and the Caldari both competed head-to-head to collect as many parts as possible to become the victorious faction.

The competition was close, but at the end of the collection, the Jove Empire announced that the Caldari State had been successful in collecting the most parts. The Gallente Union, though it had been unsuccessful, still benefited from the event, as many more pilots and corporations signed their names to the GU charter, bolstering support for the future.

Lord Eidolon soon faced another political challenge, as the Intaki Separatist movement led by the charismatic Daron Arnise came into the GU fold. Elected as a High Council member in a public vote, Daron Arnise, who was also a member of the Caldari-Intaki Alliance / CI Assembly, caused much distrust in the GU High Council due to his Caldari connections, with accusations being thrown around that he could leak vital secrets to the other faction, whose leader Total Domination had made threats of violent force concerning the release of planet Caldari Prime from Federal jurisdiction.

Many in the galaxy feared that the conflict would escalate to full-scale warfare, but Eidolon was adamant that the crisis could be resolved by negotiation. Contacted by Draxus Grado, son of Jacobi Grado, a general with a distinguished career in the Caldari Navy, he began a series of diplomatic talks that would attempt to thrash out a solution beneficial to all parties involved, being the Gallente, Caldari, and the Intaki. Draxus Grado was exceedingly delighted that Eidolon had taken the first real steps in advancing more normalised relations with both the Caldari and those Intaki who desired a place to call their own....

Soon, Eidolon made a public address to Federation President Foritan at the Intergalactic Summit. This was an attempt to settle the CI Alliance issue. Though the Gallente Federation declined to respond, Eidolon's plea managed to ease the tension that had been building between Gallente and Caldari, preventing loss of life, if only for the time being.

In the weeks following this string of crises, with the GU's newfound ability to declare war en masse, as well as defend itself en masse, Eidolon soon believed that it was finally time for the GU to come to fruition, and exercise plans he had developed since the very formation of the GU: Opening up to all races, not just Gallente, to join together and prosper in a way never seen before, under his 'reluctant' control. The GU would henceforth become known as the Galactic Union, and Lord Eidolon stood on the brink of ruling the galaxy.

Death and Return

Unabated, Lord Eidolon continued his scourge, now intent on galactic domination. Armed with an incredible new superweapon, the Galaxy Gun, Eidolon forced numerous solar systems to capitulate to GU rule against their will. Despite his growing geopolitical power, Lord Eidolon himself was growing old and frail, now 213 years old. He became obsessed with Ascending to a Higher Plane of Existence, growing consumed by madness.

In 23345, during a fateful attempt by the GU to overthrow the Amarr Emperor and seize control of the Empire, Aritcio Kor-Azor shot the ailing Lord Eidolon in the back. Before his essence could enter a clone body, the cloning facility in Latari was intercepted by a rogue GU agent. Cut off from a clone body, Eidolon's essence seemingly dissipated into the void. After so many years of exhaustive bloodshed and Machiavellian political manoeuvring, it seemed that Lord Eidolon was truly dead. . .

Eidolon was believed dead, but in fact had managed to Ascend. Once his evil became apparent, however, the other Ascended beings cast him back into the material universe, albeit incompletely. Thus Eidolon returned to New Eden as an incorporeal being given form by a shield - reborn in a whole new physical body and adopting the mantle of 'Lord Eidolon II'. There are some who believe that Eidolon's return during the height of the Sansha Incursions of 23351 was more than coincidence, but there is little evidence to support this claim. Eidolon's first act in his new body was to immediately reform the COSMOS Corporation and recover the wealth and assets from his previous 'life'. Eidolon went to ground as he gathered his strength and developed advanced technologies that he hoped would gain him an advantage in the current political landscape of New Eden. . .

Most recently, Lord Eidolon joined the Ma'asei Merkabah corporation, and has been spotted conducting nefarious activities on behalf of the Angel Cartel criminal organisation. . .