Loki For many Minmatar, the high mountains of Matar hold wonders unknown to the rest of New Eden: hidden glens, beautiful creatures, buried customs. Not surprisingly, the Krusual tribe lay claim to these mountains, their home for generations and base to their machinations.

Krusual elders whisper ancient tales among their huddled tribes, describing the glory of heroes past and enigmatic prophecies of old. On the darkest day, at the most hopeless moments, an elder may speak of loki, in reverent tones and excited hushes. In the ancient tongue, the loki are the crux of Krusual thought. There is no direct translation for this word; in fact, loki translates differently among the elders. It can mean “hidden wonder” or “secret passage”, “changing mask” or “unseen dagger”. Regardless of its context, loki has one meaning common to all its tales across all the elders: “hope”.


Structure HitpointsStructure Hitpoints
1611 HP
Max VelocityMax Velocity
10 m/sec
Inertia ModifierInertia Modifier
0.35 x
6,540,000 kg
80000 m3


Recharge timeRecharge time
10 s
Capacitor CapacityCapacitor Capacity
100 GJ


Launcher hardpointsLauncher hardpoints
0 hardpoints
Turret hardpointsTurret hardpoints
0 hardpoints
400 points
Upgrade HardpointsUpgrade Hardpoints
3 hardpoints
Sub System SlotsSub System Slots


Max  Locked TargetsMax Locked Targets
Signature RadiusSignature Radius
150 m


Shield CapacityShield Capacity
100 HP
Shield Em Damage ResistanceShield Em Damage Resistance
0 %
Shield Explosive Damage ResistanceShield Explosive Damage Resistance
0 %
Shield Kinetic Damage ResistanceShield Kinetic Damage Resistance
0 %
Shield Thermal Damage ResistanceShield Thermal Damage Resistance
0 %
Shield recharge timeShield recharge time
10 s


Armor HitpointsArmor Hitpoints
100 HP
Armor Em Damage ResistanceArmor Em Damage Resistance
0 %
Armor Explosive Damage ResistanceArmor Explosive Damage Resistance
0 %
Armor Kinetic Damage ResistanceArmor Kinetic Damage Resistance
0 %
Armor Thermal Damage ResistanceArmor Thermal Damage Resistance
0 %


Tech LevelTech Level
3 Level
Meta LevelMeta Level
5 Level
Rig SizeRig Size


Loki Blueprint i Loki Blueprint

Required skills

Primary Skill required
Minmatar Strategic Cruiser Minmatar Strategic Cruiser I
Minmatar CruiserMinmatar Cruiser V
Spaceship CommandSpaceship Command II
Minmatar DestroyerMinmatar Destroyer III
Minmatar FrigateMinmatar Frigate III
Spaceship CommandSpaceship Command I
Secondary Skill required
Minmatar Defensive Systems Minmatar Defensive Systems I
MechanicsMechanics V
Shield OperationShield Operation III
Power Grid ManagementPower Grid Management I
Tertiary Skill required
Minmatar Electronic Systems Minmatar Electronic Systems I
CPU ManagementCPU Management V
Quaternary Skill required
Minmatar Engineering Systems Minmatar Engineering Systems I
Power Grid ManagementPower Grid Management V
Quinary Skill required
Minmatar Offensive Systems Minmatar Offensive Systems I
GunneryGunnery V
Missile Launcher OperationMissile Launcher Operation III
Senary Skill required
Minmatar Propulsion Systems Minmatar Propulsion Systems I
NavigationNavigation V

Completed list of required skills

Primary Skill Required

  • Minmatar Strategic Cruiser Level I
    • Minmatar Cruiser Level V
      • Spaceship Command Level III
      • Minmatar Frigate Level IV
        • Spaceship Command Level I
    • Minmatar Defensive Systems Level I
      • Mechanic Level V
      • Shield Operation Level III
        • Engineering Level I
    • Minmatar Electronic Systems Level I
      • Electronics Level V
    • Minmatar Engineering Systems Level I
      • Engineering Level V
    • Minmatar Offensive Systems Level I
      • Gunnery Level V
      • Missile Launcher Operation Level III
    • Minmatar Propulsion Systems Level I
      • Navigation Level V

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