Logging out


How do I log out of EVE?

Logging out of EVE can be done by pressing 'Esc' and choosing 'Quit', by pressing 'ALT' + 'Shift' + 'Q' together and choosing 'Yes' or if you are playing in windowed mode you can simply close the window. If you are not docked, you also have the option of logging off safely.

What happens to your character after you log out is not as simple.

Logging out while in a station will ensure that your character is safe, but if you log out while in space the character will warp to a random point 1 000 000 km away and remain there for 1 minute.

There is a number of different outcomes to a try to log out, depending on your current actions:

POS Ship will stay where it is until timers did run out.

IN WARP You will finish your warp and your ship will try an emergency warp after landing.

Special cases

Logging in NPC combat

If a player logs out from space while in NPC combat, their ship will be removed from space after 5 minutes instead of the standard 1 minute. This is to make it harder to use "logging out in combat" as a means to escape from your enemy. Note that if you are warp scrambled, your ship will not warp away from the fight.

Logging in PvP combat

If you are in PvP combat, your ship will warp to a random point and remain there for 15 minutes, unless it's being warp scrambled, in which case it will be at the mercy of your enemies. If your ship is blown up after you log out, your pod will remain for another 15 minutes, which is plenty of time for a resourceful player to find it, using scanner probes. Please note that ANY PVP aggression within either of these 15 minute spans will reset the timer to 15 minutes, until either you are destroyed or you remain in space untouched for a full and complete 15 minute timer.

NOTE: If you log out in-space with no active PVP timer, but are attacked in the one minute gap until you disappear, you will get an active PVP timer that will keep your ship in space, potentially indefinitely.

Players are therefore advised to either dock their ship in a station before logging out of the game, or using the Safe Logoff feature to ensure their safety.