Leovarian Lavitz (Character


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Name Leovarian Lavitz
Gender Undisclosed
Race Minmatar
Bloodline Sebiestor
Licensed 2009.04.05 00:14:00
Corporation Undisclosed
Occupation Alliance Executor
Specialization Leadership


Leovarian Lavitz has always been a man with a plan, a guiding goal and vision. He aims to grow his secretive alliance far beyond what it is today, into doing sneaky things throughout new-eden.


Leovarian is primarily a leader within Sspectre, organizing events and orchestrating the various clandestine operations which Sspectre participates.

He also leads fleets in Incursions, occasionally directly oversees the removal of other's wormhole assets, commands fleets through outlaw space, and even finds time to fly with his high-sec friends.