Legit Trading(chat channel)


The "Legit Trading" channel is an ingame channel for players. the channel has been functional since october 2008. The sole purpose of the channel is to provide a neutral trading environment free from any scam & "smack talk" to advertise contracts , ads and services related to eve online . the channel was created by W3370Pi4 Operators : XrayZII ,The Optician,BlindBleu , T'Shara Bloodlust

For user comments & feedback please check the following link Legit Trading Channel Forum Thread Link


The "Legit Trading" channel Policy

The L.T Staff will always do their best to enforce the following statements in order to ensure higher standards

  • Free from any type of scam or financial fraud
  • Automatic ban from the channel for the market hub scammers[3]
  • Rigorous but not demanding spamming regulation .
  • Legitimate buyers and sellers

The "Legit Trading" channel Rules

☼ NO CHAT!!! 1st warning = Sent by evemail / 2nd=1hour mute / 3rd=24hours /4th=Ban

  • Negotiations & chat must occur in Private conversation or on the "Legit Talk" channel !
  • Scamming ANYWHERE in the EVE world will get you banned from this channel .
  • 1 AD Per Item EVERY minute (E.G 20 contracts = 20 contracts every minute)- No empty lines in your ads & Over Pricing is not a scam.
  • Due to their lack of Efficiency Ads like "WTS in stuff bio" are not accepted you must state the category or name of the officer (E.G: WTS: barge & fighter BPC in bio/WTS Estamels MODS in bio)
  • Simple forum links without any explanations count as "wts ads in bio" please make sure you explain a bit the content of the forum post.
  • No price checks! for Price checks join the "Price_Check" or "Legit talk" channel.
  • You can't advertise or sell goods that are already listed on the market.
  • Services (Character, Standings , Jump clone , Freighter etc ) must be supported by a thread on the official EVE-Online forums in the appropriate section!
  • Wormhole Sales or solar system renting are not allowed on the channel unless they are secured by an approved 3rd Party
  • IPO , bonds and similar subjects are not allowed on the legit trading channel no matter how secured they are.

Please note: Rules Are updated all the time. I recommend that you check this page from time to time

Approved 3rd party services

Approved 3rd Party services :

To be an approved 3rd party on the legit trading channel contact W3370PI4

Advertising lotteries on the legit trading channel

  • ☼ Lotteries are now accepted however they must contain one or multiples of the following requirements :
    • Secured by a 3rd Party Chribba's 3rd party service, Darknesss's 3rd party service, Grendell, Somerset Mahm ( if your lottery is secured by one of the mentioned 3rd parties the only rules you need to follow are the 2nd and the 3rd
    • 1 You are a trusted Lottery organizer with more than 10 successful events with mainly positive participants feedback. (and you can prove it)
    • 3 Your Ad must also be written in a short fashion ( no shift+enter when you write it ) in order to be advertised on the legit trading channel.
    • 4 if you are doing and unconventional lottery ( ex. can based lottery ) you will only be able to advertise after 150 completed rounds unless you find someway to secure it.

The "Legit Trading" channel Comments & Feedback

To post or read comments about the channel please visit this forum thread : http://www.eveonline.com/ingameboard.asp?a=topic&threadID=1016265

Advertising space for sale on the legit trading channel MOTD

Prices and availability is subject to change all the time please contact W3370Pi4 ingame preferably by mail

Getting unbanned from the legit trading channel

  • You can only get unbanned if you bought a character recently and you want to have it unbanned. Mail W33 with the forum thread of the character sale