League of War (Player corporation)

Name League of War
Ticker [g0ons]
Alliance g0ons Infinity
CEO Alucard Strat
Founded 26th May 2010
Status Active
Headquarters Undisclosed
Public Channel Bunny Rec
Website Propaganda Website

League Of War [g0ons]



Head Quaters: Amarr

Member Limit: 5 300 Members

Goverment Type: Dictatorship

Agression policy:NBSI.

Location: Near Rens

Origin and History

League of War was originally Great Pestilence Legion's military division to protect miners and non fighting personnel. Soon after first days GPL's CEO Ailmar got paranoiac and decided to disband GPL, this action resulted in to war between two parties. It has been rumored that Ailmar did not like simple principles of League of War and it's government type, but most of all that League of War declared them selves as an former Goons Alliance sympathizer. War lasted months and during this time League of War started campaign against other corporations. Unsuccessful war on other fronts without gaining any prestige and mergers League of War disbanded all other wars and concentrated efforts against Ailmar and friends. After 2 months of wars in Battlefield and politics League of War game to Victory with war loot worth 6 Billion ISK and resulted Ailmars run from New Eden. League of War was active following months, but soon after this decided to infiltrate most of the power Alliances in game. Shingly thought this would be easy way fatten League of War's wallet. After SOS leader resigned League of War broke apart of SOS and it's founder returned from Systematic Chaos to rebuild his corporation. However this plan backfired when it was time to recall agents from alliances as most of them got over turned and ignored recall. So Shingly returned alone with her right hand Loed Kane back to League of War. As an first step Shingly expelled all existing members and changed aggression state from NBSI to NRDS. The new HQ was created in Aridia region where League of War is currently based and achieved notable diplomatic relations. League of War is part of Aridia Treehouse coalition what assures to them over 1500 Blue's at the Region.

However, everything above changed when corporation founder and dictator Shingly announced his leave from EVE ONLINE. As an his last act he divided all his assets and distributed everything between his trusted directors. Just few days before leave he created an alliance and gifted to it new player called South Crystal, he made clear that South Crystal will be ruler of his legacy and continue his work. Strangely League of War was not one of those assets, but was left to his long time right hand man, Loed Kane. Loed Kane took lead of the corporation and seemed that he started new era in League of War. League of War was no longer dictatorship corporation ruled by one man, but was ruled via 6 directors. As an part of legacy, League of War staid in newly created g0ons Infinity Alliance and continued its growth. Few months later South Crystal decided to interferer as League of War made an attempt take control of the Alliance via flipping its support declaration. In matter of hours after attempt, South Crystal managed to send in corporation an alt "Taavi Eelmaa" who surprised whole corporation with his share amount. Tho corporation was given to Loed Kane, then Shingly never transfered shares of League of War to Loed Kane. So in matter of minutes Loed Kanes CEO status was frozen and 25h later Taavi Eelmaa was a new CEO. South sent out an mail stating that every single member will have 48 hours to leave League of War or they all will be shot on site. In matter of days corporation member count of 60 reduced to 1.

So started South Crystals time of ruling and Shinglys legacy of dictatorship was restored. After things were balanced out South Crystal appointed new CEO to be Alucard Strat. In generally League of War has stayed an friendly corporation, but new ruler reseted from member count to coalition. So it is fresh beginnings for League of War, but future will continue this Wiki Entry.

Game Play

Soon after creation of League of War declared to have just fun in this game following simple principle that every soul in their pod should really do something what they love and aspire without limitations of management rules or policy. However after joining to Soldiers of Solitude alliance we applied policy that every single member will start in low sec and has to bare with security loss first few months. After breakup from SOS this rules was revoked, however all members lived still in Aridia low security systems and there is provided High security systems with ice belts for those who desire safety of CONCORD. On powering of South Crystal, League of War moved close to Rens where it continued its growth again. After appointing Alucard Strat as an CEO League of War started to execute their long term plan related southern region and seemed to move closer to Khanid regions.


If you see notification of war by League of War it has probably reason and it can be solved behind the table without single shot fired as we don’t do random declarations and usually arent hired guns. So if you suspect that this is war what you can’t handle, be brave and open conversation with their CEO or to find out alternative way out of war.

General Personality

Generally they are friendly and honor always their agreements and promises, once they set you blue it means you are blue for the life. They remember their friends, rushing to back them up without hesitation. They don’t judge law same way as CONDORD or general public, it doesn’t matter are you minus ten or plus five. What matters to them is you, how you behave and what you are as and individual, as an entity of your corporation. Don’t be afraid, just join with us to the dark side of the moon and live your life in New Eden as you wanted to live it.


The history of law is closely connected to the development of civilization. Ancient Egyptian law, dating as far back as 3000 BC, contained a civil code that was probably broken into twelve books. It was based on the concept of Ma'at, characterised by tradition, rhetorical speech, social equality and impartiality.

League of War have only a few rules that are not easy to break, however breaking them will be punished.

  • 001 No Shooting Blues of any kind unless it is defensive action, same rule applies to Corporation members.
  • 002 No Scamming Blues of any kind, same rule applies to Corporation members.
  • 003 Have fun, it is an game what you should enjoy.


League of War had an interesting ranking system similar to the Nazi Germany's ranks, however South Crystal revoked this as he felt that it is outdated and to much work what no one needs.


What they offer?

At this point League of War has not much to offer to their members as we are small starting corporation. In time as corporation grows and gains more influence it will have more to offer, this is good opportunity to be there from the beginning of the time and anchor your own personal influence over the matters folding related to League of War,

What are they looking for?

League of War is looking mature gamers, we have announced SP starting limit at 2 Million Skill Point's as that is just amount where player starts to enjoy this game. We prefer 18+ year old players but it's not an rule as maturity comes to various players on early or late years. They accept all types, all race's, but they would like that their players would be self sufficient and interest to PvP.

  • 2 Million SP or more Requiered
  • Intrest to PvP
  • Capability to VIVOX (EVE Voice)
  • 18+ Years old



  • Q: Why League of War has 18+ Age limitation?
  • A: For simple reason we have very liberal chat and coms policy in corporation (exempt in fleets). Some lines, words, pictures, links may be not suitable to younger players. Also we don't recommend joining to players who get easily offended by racial or religious jokes or word usage.
  • Q: Is League of War related to the GoonSwarm like ticker implies?
  • A: No, League of War has no relations to GoonSwarm. None of the founders has any relations to GoonSwarm and their projects. Ticker G0ons was select trough similar gaming ideals of Goon Swarm and meaning of Goon it's self.
  • Q: What is the main time Zone for League of War?
  • A: Founder Shingly is from Finland so it's GMT +2, but her right hand is From US Central time. Also all the successors are from Scandinavia so time zone have not been changed.
  • Q: Is there any truth about racist accusations towards League of War?
  • A: Yes and no. We make lots of Joke about everything, including racial jokes. But if you get offended about thees kind things easily, definitely not the place to be.