LadyZelda (Character)



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Name LadyZelda
Gender Undisclosed
Race Amarr
Bloodline Khanid
Licensed March 24th, year 89
Corporation Stillwater Corporation
Occupation Salvation Angel
Specialization Classified

LadyZelda is a young and beautiful Khanid woman with a rather 'unlucky' past. Because of her past she changed into the person she is now. Bittered and angry but always acting in the best inetrest of the Amarr Empire and the Ordo Magna. Having no sympathy for pirates and those who are against The Empress.


Being the daughter of an Imperial Bodyguard, Ir'aleo, who had been protecting keyfigures in the Amarr Empire, she learned very well how to defend herself. Before she could even walk LadyZelda was able to hold a small sidearm and already showed at that stage she was very capable with it.

As Ir'aleo watched his daughter develop her talents he started to train her in all possible martial arts he knew. Next to this training he started targetpracticing with her soon to realize she outperformed him already in many ways.

Ir'aleo was responsible for the protection of an important Holder and for that assignment he went undercover. After he foiled an assasinationattempt and blew his cover he had to resign his job. His life and that of his family were in grave danger. He fled to a system still unknown to many people.

When LadyZelda reached the age of 16 Ir'aleo took his daughter, son and wife on a planetarian trip. After this exciting trip they flew their shuttle back their mainship. LadyZelda's gut told her something was wrong and just as they ship initiated warp it was scrambled and attacked by Wolves of Pator. LadyZelda was ordered by her father to get the rescuepod and get the hell out of the ship and take her brother. She didn't succeed in getting her brother out and went by herself realizing this might be the last time she ever saw her family. As she flew away her fathers ship blew and she knew then her life would never be the same.

From that point LadyZelda traveled throught the universe knowing one day she would take her revenge. She funded her travels through different ways, one way 'better' than the other.

During her travels she encountered a member of Ordo Magna alliance. She felt so good about this encounter and what the alliance stands for making her decide to join the alliance. She has been a member of Ordo Quaesitoris for some time making very good use of the training her father once gave her. After certain changes in the alliance LadyZelda got promoted as it was time for the next step. A position opened up in one of the elite wings of the alliance. She joined Ordo Nigrorum Susurri soon to become CEO of that corporation. After some time she decided it was time to move on and she joined Stillwater Corporation currently led by Leopold Caine.

Physical Appearance

LadyZelda is a short and athleticly build woman. Her body is shaped like hourglass and through her skin the shape of small but very powerfull muscles can be seen. Her hair is long, sleek and has a healthy shine over it. Her face is small with full lips and her blue-greyish eyes reflect her past as they have a cold and chilly gaze uppon them.


LadyZelda is a versatile capsuleer capable of flying many different Amarrian vessels. Because of that her duties vary as well and it is hard to pinpoint her exact duties and responsabilities.

Contacting LadyZelda

She can often be found in the "Stillwater" in game channel.