Kill rights


What are they, and how do they work?

Kill Rights are your chance of retribution and are provided to you in those cases where you have been wronged by another player in the eyes of CONCORD. This means that if a pilot has performed an illegal act of aggression by activating an offensive module against you, causing him to receive a Criminal flag, you will be provided with a Kill Right. Kill rights are not generated in null-security space or during Limited Engagements.

A player in possession of a kill right must activate the kill right in order to be able to use it, this will flag the opponent as a Suspect, at which point they can freely attack that player in secure space without CONCORD or local navy intervention. If the ship or capsule is destroyed while the kill right is active, the kill right will be considered as used and will be removed.

Please note: Kill Rights are generated even if the attack does not result in destruction of the targeted ship. This means that the ship, capsule or property does not have to be destroyed for kill right generation.
Please note: In low security space, kill rights are only given when a pod is aggressed. Kill rights are not generated when a ship is unlawfully attacked in low security space.

Activating kill rights

When a kill right is available to you against another pilot, it must be activated. This is done by clicking on the target in space or on your overview, and clicking on the cross hair icon in the "Selected Item" window located above the overview by default.

If the kill right belongs to another player he may have requested that ISK be required to activate the kill right, the cost will be displayed in the activation window. Any price requested for the kill right is immediately transferred upon the kill right being activated. Activating the kill right will enact a Suspect flag on the target, making him a legal target to all pilots in his vicinity for 15 minutes. If the kill right activation does not result in a kill, then the kill right will not be considered as used and will continue to be available for activation.

Please note: See Crimewatch for information regarding legitimacy of killing ships and capsules during Suspect flag and Limited Engagements.

Activate kr1.png

Selling kill rights

Owners of kill rights can choose to sell access to their rights to other pilots, this can be done by clicking the button on the right-hand side of each kill right in the character sheet. You can make the kill right available to all the pilots in New Eden, only members of your corporation or you can choose a specific entity (character, corporation or alliance). Players will receive a notification of changes in availability on a Kill Right where they are the target.

Kill right share.png

Making available to a specific entity

To make a kill right available to a specific entity, that is a character, corporation or alliance follow these simple steps.

  1. Select the 'Make available to ...' option.
  2. Type in the name of entity you wish to make the kill right available to.
  3. Hit Enter on your keyboard.
  4. Type in Cost per activation of kill right.
  5. Select 'Make Available'

KillRights MakeAvailableTo p1.png KillRights MakeAvailableTo p2.png

Kill Report example

Kill reports for pilots killed under a kill right purchased from another player will include a "Killed on behalf of" field, which includes the name of the character in possession of the kill right activated at the time.

Image: Kill Report Example (Kill Rights)

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