Keyboards and mice

This survey was conducted in collaboration with Logitech to understand EVE Online
players’ behavior in relation to high-end keyboards and gaming mice.
The survey was offered to all active and lapsed EVE Online players via monthly
EVE Online Newsletter, in this report responses from both active and lapsed players were considered.

According to the survey 77% of the respondents are aware of the keyboards with LCD displays.
The awareness level is slightly higher among lapsed players than active EVE players (80% vs 76%).

Keyboards with LCD awareness.png

While majority of the respondents are aware of the keyboards with LCD displays,
less than a third of them owns one. The ownership is equal between active and lapsed EVE players.

Keyboards with LCD ownership.png

While the awareness of high-end keyboards is higher among younger respondents the ownership
is higher among the older ones (31 to 45).

91% of all the respondents that own a keyboard with an LCD display own a Logitech keyboard,
more than a half of them have Logitech G15.

Keyboards with LCD brand.png

More than a half of the respondents that own a keyboard with LCD display, use the LCD screen
to display system information. Displaying vital in-game information, data from other applications or media information,
while the music is playing on a PC, are other wide-spread ways of using LCD displays on these keyboards.

15% of the respondents that own a keyboard with an LCD display, don’t use the LCD display at all.

Keyboards with LCD usage.png

73% of EVE players that own a keyboard with an LCD display, use the LCD display when playing EVE Online.

Keyboards with LCD usage EVE.png

According to the survey 69% of the respondents use programmable keys on their keyboards.

Programmable keys usage.png

Majority of the EVE Online players say they use programmable keys on their keyboards when playing EVE Online.

Programmable keys usage EVE.png

EVE players use the programmable keys to:

Launch EVE Online (login and password)
Activate modules
Control drones
Combat (weapons, reload, fire, overload)
Target and mine
Open specific windows
Open scanner
Open cargo
Group weapons
Simplify shortcuts

55% of the survey respondents own a gaming mouse, 4% are not sure whether a mouse they own
is the gaming type.

Gaming mice.png

The following features of a gaming mouse are used quite widely when playing games:

Additional programmable buttons
Adjustable dpi/sensitivity
Adjustable responsiveness
Adjustable weight
Adjustable scrolling
Programmable thumb buttons
Scroll wheel and scroll button

Survey details:
  • Dates: 24.08.11 – 09.09.11
  • Methodology: administered online
  • Sample: 1,880 completed surveys