Karin Midular

Karin Midular was the former Prime Minister of the Minmatar Republic. She was known for her peaceful politics and support for domestic cooperation with the Amarr Empire, variously interpreted as intelligent caution, cowardly appeasement, or outright treason. She was replaced by Sanmatar Malaetu Shakor following the events of the Elder War. Her death after injuries sustained in a mass-shooting perpetrated by Gerne Broteau resulted in tensions between the previously aligned Minmatar and Gallente.

Name Karin Midular
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* Former Republic Prime Minister
Born YC56
Died YC115


Early Life

Karin was born a slave-child in YC56 but smuggled out of Amarr space by her parents, who remained as slaves. She never knew them. Karin was raised in Mithuris in Matar's Mikramurka Steppes by her tribe, which had been identified, but her clan remained a mystery. Until her adolescence, when she received her voluval mark, she was referred to only by her first name. She chose to be adopted by the Midular clan and wear their motif shortly after receiving her distinctive mark as a sign of respect for her Midular essence instructor, Vormar. She carries the Ray of Matar - a very rare Mark of great destiny and leadership. Many of those that underwent the Test of Destiny with Midular, including High Justice Mattmar Graur, speak of her solemnity even as a youth, as well as the desire she expressed to unite all Minmatar. Graur states that she attracted some derision when she spoke of the Ammatar in particular and how they would one day be reunited with the other tribes. [1] “She spoke of a need for leadership from an early age, and while her heart was in the right place, she could be naïve”.

Academically brilliant, Midular pursued engineering upon entering Republic University after achieving outstanding results in the sciences. Despite the voluval mark she received at age 16 and the calls for her to pursue her destiny in leadership, for many years her focus was on the starship propulsion systems used by the Republic Fleet. Her senior dissertation on graduating focused on research being done on plasma propulsion systems instead of nuclear technology, a treatise that was seen as idealistic in YC78, but nevertheless gained her esteem amongst her technically minded brethren. Keen to capitalize on the young theorist’s fame, she was hired right out of university by Core Complexion and soon became their Chief Researcher. Her singular task in this role was the coordination of large scale research projects that would serve as the foundation for the development of the plasma thruster decades later. This breakthrough, assisted in no small way by what the Republic would later obtain from the Crielere project, went on to become a vital component in the manufacture of ships and propulsion units in the Republic fleet. Midular was not involved in this final development however, as her career had already taken her in another direction.

A Moderate Negotiator

Karin Midular may have joined Core Complexion as a researcher but her natural skills as a mediator and her ability to discuss practical and scientific advances knowledgeably meant she quickly became the public face of the corporation. For almost 20 years Midular met with researchers both inside and outside Republic space, forging many of the alliances that still exist to this day, particularly with contacts in the Gallente Federation. She also garnered a reputation as a peacekeeper within Core Complexion whenever tribal grudges interfered with large scale projects or the smooth operation of the corporation’s interests. Her intercession in YC92 in a dispute that threatened to become a long-standing legal battle between unions that would reach outside the walls of Core Complexion ended in success. She was the principal negotiator sent in by Core Complexion in their efforts to expand into Amarr territory and personally met with Doriam Kor-Azor before his ascension and the Emperor at the time, Heideran VII. While it was anticipated she would have limited success, to the amazement of many, Midular emerged from closed door meetings having managed to secure orbital assets in Genesis, Kor Azor and even Domain. Fresh from these successful negotiations she returned to the Republic and almost immediately announced her intention to enter the political arena. For many Sebiestor this was the news they had always hoped for from their Ray of Matar but for the other tribes the fact that she was doing so after she had spent time working closely with the Amarr on Core Complexion’s behalf led to initial suspicions as to what had prompted the decision.

A Campaign of Peace

Midular started writing to existing delegates and senators asking for a cessation of the hostilities in the Vindication Wars and in a move that didn’t ingratiate her in political circles, began sharing sections of the discourse she was having when she dealt with the press. After years of closed doors and militaristic action, the Matari people responded positively and she assumed the role of Sebiestor Tribal Chief in YC97 with almost unanimous support. Taking this backing as a mandate to act on the message of peace she had started promoting in her campaign, one of her first acts was to suggest the withdrawal of Sebiestor forces from the conflicts in Ammatar space. While this was popular amongst her own people it was met with mixed responses from the other tribes, particularly from the Brutor and Krusual, who lambasted her for the “cowardly” suggestion. She used the vitriol to her advantage, comparing it to the vindictive nature of the military actions being taken in Derelik against “our wayward brothers and sisters” and the belligerence and warmongering that she intended to put an end to. After over a hundred years there was a general fatigue amongst the voting public concerning the increasingly bitter civil war in Derelik. She had been in the position of Tribal Chief for only six months before she was using the momentum her peaceful position was generating to announce her intention to head straight into the Ministerial election race. Whilst she did not win in her most immediate run for office her approval climbed, reaching a pinnacle on the eve of the YC102 election, notably against the backdrop of the Battle of Tears, which was raging in the Sasta and Tanoo systems. In her inaugural address as Prime Minister she announced the official end of direct hostilities against the Ammatar in an attempt to usher in a “new era of peace and prosperity for a united and strengthened Minmatar Republic”.

Midular’s campaign had also centred around her belief that the survival of the Minmatar people was depended on the success of the Republic parliamentary system that had been established. Her knowledge and cordial relations with the Gallente during her time with Core Complexion meant that she was familiar with the basis on which the Republic had been formed. She was an advocate of democracy, and her political career was devoted to promotion of a progressive agenda for the Minmatar that borrowed a great deal of its principles from the Federation.

Overall, her public appearances before the election attracted record crowds and audiences throughout New Eden. She was a natural before the cameras, knew how to craft an official statement and frequently gave personal opinions that to many seemed realistic, rational and honest. Ultimately, while the public adored her as she represented moderation and the promise of political change; she did not earn the respect of all of the tribes leadership, some of whom still desired revenge against both the Ammatar and their Amarr masters. Karin Midular’s heart was understood to be in the right place, and it got her into office, but she was already perceived to be too much of an idealist amongst those already in power. In the years to come, hampered by bureaucracy and corruption, a series of policy failures led to the slow decay of her popularity.

A Slow Decline

In February of YC106 Midular attracted negative press when she decided to pen a controversial motion for the removal of the Khumaak, an ornamental weapon, from the list of sanctioned Minmatar state, military and fleet apparel [2]. This led to harsh exchanges, most notably between Karin Midular and the Krusual Tribe Leader, Tenerhaddi Dykon [3]. The situation became so tense that Republic Security Services changed the severity category of tribal gathering halls to prevent the possibility of violence. Maleatu Shakor referred to the inefficiency of “formalized bickering” over supreme executive authority in response to events, establishing the sort of belligerence that he would go on to demonstrate throughout Midular’s presidency.

In response to the tensions Minmatar began wearing replica khumaak in public and organized protests that necessitated police intervention [4]. Sales of the replicas skyrocketed, and holoreel director Jarol Brint’s twelve-year old fictional account of the events on Ezzara VI, The Fire of a Nation, enjoyed a resurgence in popularity that saw it returning to theaters across the Republic again.

Things took a turn for the worse when an explosive device was defused at the Sebiestor Tribe’s regional headquarters in Houdea and a rally was organized demanding that Midular explain her motives to her people [5].

Eventually a modification of the original proposal was put forward by the Brutor Tribe that stipulated that the khumaak was not to be displayed at specific public gatherings, particularly those that would involve contact with Amarr dignitaries. Senior councilman Bolwin Amrisar resigned shortly after this motion was passed, stating that Karin Midular had been pulling strings for so long she’d forgotten about political process [6].

The events marked the beginning of a slow decline in the previously unanimous support that Midular had gained amongst her tribesmen and exposed the belief that had long been simmering – that Midular was making deals sympathetic to the desires of the Amarr. While accusations concerning the restriction of the khumaak in particular were dismissed, Karin Midular did state publicly that she would “do what is best for my people, in any way I can.”

Suspicion as to Midular’s motives had grown and were only exacerbated two months later when she dramatically condemned the assassination of Doriam II, whom she had worked with during her time in Core Complexion. It was noted that she referred to a “rising tide of violence and mistrust” [7], cryptically referring to those that questioned her apparent connections with the Amarr. There were also rumors that a working Insorum prototype had been developed but was deliberately being withheld from distribution, increasing dependence on current stocks of a more temporary Vitoc antidote. All in all, more had begun to whisper behind closed doors and deliberately start to erode faith in the Ray of Matar.

Exodus to Gallente Space

The Federation Year 107 Census Index revealed a sevenfold inflation of the number of Matari immigrating into Federation-controlled regions. An investigation conducted by the University of Caille resulted in a warning to Midular’s cabinet that they may be facing a possible exodus from the Republic. This information was soon leaked to the media from within parliament, and the reasons that were quoted included increasing economic stagnation, rising unemployment and a concomitant increase in the influence of organized crime – particularly the Angel Cartel. Polling in the core of the Federation by the University of Caille had revealed that Minmatar expatriates stated that their main reason for leaving was a general dissatisfaction with the disunity perceived amongst Republic leaders. Trar Odemenko, Chief Spokesman for the Association of Matari Expatriates (AME) in Darpagne on Renyn IV, was approached by the media and revealed that tribal discord was evident everywhere. Violent exchanges amongst the members of the different tribes was attributed to a weakened Republic identity and council members more interested in competing with each other than focusing on domestic issues that were requiring more attention[8].

Midular chose not to respond to the study directly but instead focused on job creation to address the heart of the matter. She spoke with members of the mining industry in particular in light of the increasing activity in the sector with recent open access to the Fenrir and ORE’s release of exhumers months afterwards. Research and development corporations also cried out for enterprising minds to help it in the race to keep up with the other empires in the development of capital ships and technology, and were given government grants to pursue their work with the understanding that the jobs created would be offered to Minmatar within Gallente space to entice them back to Republic worlds, stemming the tide of expatriation [9]. The move proved successful, helped in no small part by the increasing demand for cooperation with capsuleers seeking more lucrative contracts with corporate agents and industrial support for the construction of their own starbases. Research and development labs across New Eden had also opened their arms to the capsuleer community, who were of course interested in the technological advancements being made and sought to use their facilities. For almost two years, due to the potential increase in economic activity, approval for Midular’s cabinet stabilized, and even looked set for an upswing in popularity. An immediate solution was far off, however, and a series of conflicts that followed was to lead to calls for Midular’s resignation and even assassination.

Karishal Muritor and the Ushra’Khan

Shortages in the Republic started to result in varied misconduct, provoking conflicts with authorities that was exemplified in the fall from grace of a decorated Republic Fleet captain. Despite the foundations being laid down, Matari industrial complexes near the Republic-Federation border ground to a halt due to labor shortages, particularly in the Eugidi and Barvigrard constellations. The Minmatar Mining Corporation was especially hard hit and had to shut down two facilities in Uttindar. Coordinator Marerlur Simnika spoke of up to three quarters of staff previously located there vanishing into the Federation. The exodus was echoed by Sirfortur Ofarter of Boundless Creation [10]. The knock-on effect meant a slowing of production and delivery which, coupled with a mutation of the Vitoc toxin, led to a shortage of a viable antidote, particularly in the Edmalbrurdus system. Gallente and Minmatar senators and aide workers testified as to the suffering and eventual long-term repercussions of the shortage [11].

Two days after this news, Amarrian Holder Jamir Torash was travelling from his homeworld in Chaven and on course for Geth when he found himself under attack by pilots of the Minmatar capsuleer collective known as the Ushra’Khan in Hibi. The two haulers in his convoy were carrying five thousand m3 of Vitoc, which was jettisoned. Despite the cargo being the presumed purpose of the assault, Lord Torash and his escorts were also destroyed[12].

These incidents served as the catalyst for increased confrontations with the Amarr [13], and amongst the conflicts emerged the revered Karishal Muritor, a captain in the Republic Fleet. As a result of an expressed desire to increase military action in response to insurgent and criminal groups within Minmatar territories and patrolling outside designated areas to achieve that aim, Muritor was actually eventually suspended from duty after an investigation of his conduct determined that he had defied his superiors[14] and had him suspended.

On the 7th June, YC108, the Alfhild, a Hel-class supercarrier, was reported stolen or missing after an unscheduled jump from its docking premises along with its escorts [15]. Earlier in the week this same fleet, along with Captain Muritor, had failed to attend the inauguration ceremony of Amarr holder Gavit Torash, acting as the Republic Parliament representative’s honour escort. It was soon revealed that the decorated captain had absconded with the ship, and in a broadcast from Odatrik, revealed that he had formed a group known as the Defiants, intending to strike at the Amarr. Throughout Matari territories, Karin Midular found herself once again faced with the warmongering of her people as they posted up pictures of Muritor and echoed calls for hostilities against the Empire. Muritor made an incendiary statement from the Alfhild in Odatrik, also galvanizing people against Midular’s government.

“If you would stand before me and call this state of affairs in which we are held right and true, then I am sure that it is better for me and my men to fight and die without any right than to live in such a lie.”

It inspired militant groups such as the Ushra’Khan to increase their antagonism [16] and as a result both empires were getting increasingly cagey. With the possibility that Muritor had the potential to divide not only Minmatar but the authority of the Republic Fleet after her attempts to unite the people, the prime minister had no choice but to act. Karin Midular declared Karishal Muritor an outlaw.

One ISK for Midular

Eventually Muritor agreed to talk with Republic Fleet Admiral Kanth Filmir, an old friend of his who had been tasked with bringing him in. Under banner of truce Filmir tried to communicate Midular’s request that Muritor desist in his hostilities against the Amarr. When he refused, Filmir deployed a strike force. Members of the Ushra’Khan that were present started to attack the Republic Fleet in defense of the Defiant leader, but Muritor called them off, himself refusing to attack Filmir’s fleet. Before Muritor’s ship exploded, his last words asked those assembled that they “Do not forget what we achieved with so few. Do not forget.”

Midular subsequently claimed responsibility for the death of Karishal Muritor, carried out on the 1st of February YC109. [17] In response, the Ushra’Khan declared her their number one enemy, placing a 1 ISK bounty on her head. Their hero lost, many Matari declared their intention to claim the bounty.

On March 5th YC109 around 2 million Matari packed into the main promenade of Matari Prime for what was to become known as the “One ISK for Midular” protest. Organized by the “Voices of Matar” party, who were new to the political arena, the movements ranks had swelled alongside membership of the Bloody Hands in response to the handling of Captain Muritor and the dismissal of recent riots. People in the crowd painted their faces with crimson handprints[18].

Diplomatic Efforts

Midular’s popularity had already started to plummet when, in April, it was discovered that she was having secret meetings with representatives of the Ammatar Mandate regarding a potential reconciliation. When this was revealed, Midular made a statement to an increasingly hostile people, asking them to rise above their hatred for the tribe that had betrayed them and remained a bitter enemy in the Vindication Wars – a conflict that Midular herself had worked to end[19]. Despite her plea, at 22:50 on the 24th of May YC109 an explosion rocked the Republic Parliament station orbiting the gas giant, Egbonbet VI. The blast killed one of the Ammatar Mandate consulate members that were gathered there to continue their talks with the Republic. The remaining Ammatar fled under the protection of capsuleer corporation Delictum 23216, who it was revealed had been providing security since the talks had begun. The Bloody Hands claimed responsibility for the explosion. Channels for diplomacy remained open but were now fragile in light of the explosion that it was announced had killed 42 people. Parliament responded by tasking Republic Security Services with tracking down members of the Bloody Hands[20].

Focus on communication with the Ammatar, and Amarr themselves, had always been an issue but was now becoming particularly vilified. Dubbed the ‘Overlord’s Pet’, she soon began receiving belligerent animosity during session. Suspicions as to her sympathies for the traditional enemy that had been exacerbated in the past by her statement in response to the assassination of Doriam II in YC107, at this point in her career were strengthened by her, conversely, measured reaction to the attempt made on Karsoth in YC110[21]. In a much more careful response, Midular used the occasion to instead express her desire to “maintain lines of dialogue” with Amarr despite everything that was happening.

The mood in parliament was tense as Shakor caused some controversy and returned focus to the issues plaguing Republic cabinet by wishing the Ushra’khan luck in the upcoming Alliance tournament, despite their calls for Midular’s assassination [22]. While they subsequently lost, it didn’t go unnoticed how many Matari were still supporting their efforts.

On the 8th of May YC110 Midular announced the appointment of Keitan Yun as the nation’s ambassador to CONCORD. This served to provide an image of unity in the halls of parliament, especially when Shakor endorsed the decision but nevertheless remained critical of Midular[23].

Skarkon and Confidence in Midular’s Leadership

Organised crime was rife near the end of Midular’s time in office, dominated by the activities of the Angel Cartel in the Republic’s Territories. This was particularly true of the Skarkon system. The Republic government was considered a dangerously ineffective machine, and in light of that this system endorsed a succession from her governance.

The Archangels – namely Tabe Rajus - sent her a communiqué advising that at 19:00 local time the Skarkon system would be transferred to their sovereignty, and that news of this transfer would be passed onto the media with the electronic signatures of 10 million Skarkon residents. Ships entering the system after receipt of the communiqué would be fired upon unless there was a concession of the transfer of sovereignty, or Midular herself made a public apology for her slandering of the cartel. Shortly after this message was received, Karin was informed that the system was blockaded. Republic Fleet ships attempted to clear them from the system, but quickly ceased fire when it was clear that the cartel would be using civilian barges for shielding. Capsuleers continued to engage them regardless, but the Republics attempts were halted.

While the situation itself was dire, it was the fact that citizens in the system endorsed what was occurring that really crushed Karin Midular. Residents of Skarkon had effectively stated that they had more faith in pirates than her parliament[24].

While in session attempting to resolve the situation, Keitun Yun suggested that it be made clear that the Republic did not negotiate with terrorists and Midular threw him out. Shortly afterwards she was presented with a news report broadcasting the fact that Starkmanir had been found on Halturzhan, the 6th planet in the Jarizza system, living amongst the Ammatar [25]. Too obsessed with the situation in Skarkon, and still reeling after a quick response to Yulai had instead portrayed her as ignorant of the facts, Midular was unfortunately tardy in her official response to the news[26]. It was taken as another sign that she was becoming increasingly incapable.

Shakor entered a heated session parliament shortly thereafter and demanded a vote of no confidence in Midular[27]. Karin was devastated. Not only was she facing many crises at once, she had now effectively been stripped of the executive powers that would allow her to order any use of force to resolve the situation in Skarkon. Her government was slipping through her fingers.

The Elder War and the Sanmatar

In Yulai, a fleet of Minmatar ships had appeared at this time, threatening a CONCORD outpost. Keen to distance herself from another situation and regain what control she could Midular had a spokesman release a statement denying any knowledge of their intentions[28]. CONCORD contacted Midular at this time to inform her that they had just been threatened by Keitun Yun with the backing of the enormous fleet. In no uncertain terms they implied that that she had lost control of her people, and needed to act. Shortly thereafter Midular entered parliament and used the constitution to dissolve the current government and call for elections in two months[29].

The Republic descended into chaos[30]. As Midular prepared to leave, two guards entered her office intent on assaulting her. She was rescued by Keitan Yun and an assembled unit of troops working on behalf of the Elders, who proceeded to murder all those in the Republic Parliament that had been identified as agents of Karsoth. Evidence of their duplicity was left on their bodies.

At the same time, the Elder War was taking place in Amarr as three enormous fleet's starting invading the Empire seeking to liberate as many slaves as possible. Despite all her attempt to seek peace, and the apparent support of her people, at the first sign of war many deserted their posts or emerged to fight alongside an unsanctioned invasion force.

Despite their intervention and timely intercession in her assault it was suggested that the forces of the Elders were less than sympathetic to her cause and considered Midular’s ministerial record a failure to promote unity among the remnants of the tribes, though she recognised only that her parliament had been compromised and hindered in its ability to act. She was particularly hostile towards Shakor as she returned to the Republic from the Santuaries in the Great Wildlands following the Battle of Mekhios, which put an end to the Elder’s dramatic rescue effort. Her stay with the Elders and those close to them had revealed that it had been he who had protected the Elder Fleet by focusing attention on the politics of the Republic itself, at times fostering a belligerence that undermined Midular’s efforts at appeasement. Despite her animosity, Midular knew what needed to be done in the best interests of the Republic. She publically called for an emergency election to restore order[31], aware that Shakor was likely to assume power. Elections eventually took place[32] that indeed installed Maleatu as Prime Minister [33]. He was also subsequently awarded the resurrected title of Sanmatar[34]. Karin Midular’s collapsed parliament and title had been swept aside.

Events on Gallente Prime

At 11.57, 11th of April YC115, while attending a Gallente-Minmatar cultural festival, Karin Midular was amongst an assembled crowd that was attacked by a lone gunman[35]. Detonating explosives and then opening fire on attendees at the Luminaire Center for Culture and The Arts in Caille, the terrorist killed 58 and wounded 304 of those attending the inaugural address of the Federal Tribes Festival of Community and Culture. While the identity of the victims were not initially released it soon came to light that Karin Midular was one of the dignitaries wounded, receiving a head wound that resulted in her being hospitalized in a critical condition[36]. Sanmatar Shakor called for the immediate extradition of the shooter for questioning and trial in the Minmatar territories, and the population also called for the return of the Ray of Matar, to be cared for in the Republic. Unfortunately, Gallente doctors revealed that she was in a medically induced coma due to extensive brain trauma, and travel was impossible[37].

This situation led to a stand-off between the Republic Security Services and Federation Navy in Bei as the Minmatar demanded that they be allowed to enter into Gallente space to take the suspected shooter into custody. The two fleets postured for some time with Empyreans attempting to calm the situation. Eventually DED officer Odo Korach arrived on the scene to keep the peace and demand that the RSS back down. At first it looked like they would not, but thanks to the intercession of capsuleers they eventually agreed. The Minmatar Tribal Council later apologised for the incident but reiterated that Midular needed to be turned over to Republic care[38].

Violence had been averted, and while Midular was later transferred to the Republic after showing signs that she was stabilizing [39], the straied relationship led to concern for Minmatar residents in Gallente space[40], as well as increasing tensions amongst the Matari tribes themselves. As Midular’s condition was updated [41], Minmatar leaders bickered over what was to be done I response to the entire situation. Vuld Haupt, religious leader of the Sebiestor, called for unity and asked that it be recognised that Midular had lived up to her promise as the Ray of Matar, laying the foundations for a Republic where all the tribes stood together[42].

Despite emergency surgery[43], Midular later died from her injuries[44]. In response, requests for her killer to be transferred transformed into demands, to the point that 15 Naglafar-class dreadnoughts of the Republic Fleet circumvented cynosural blockers in Colelie and jumped their fleet into the system in another show of force. The Gallente responded almost immediately, at which point Admiral Leralduin Olf, leading the Republic Fleet, requested passage to retrieve the shooter responsible for the death of the Ray of Matar. Admiral Stolle Colalle, commanding the Federation’s forces, refused the request and declared the Republic’s actions an act of war. Hundreds of capsuleers appeared on the scene, attempting to once again either calm the situation or inflame it. This time there was to be no backing down. Eventually the Republic Fleet opened fire and the one time allies traded dreadnoughts in a heated exchange until the Federation eventually destroyed the Minmatar, who fought to the last. Enraged Minmatar capsuleers attempted to continue the fight but were dispersed with the arrival of DED Officer Odo Korachi. The incident prompted an emergency session amidst the Federation, with President Roden stating that the Gallente were committed to peace [45].

Funeral of a Chief

“‘Maybe my mountain will crumble, but I got to the top, as I set out to do; I fulfilled my dream.’ the Rock righteously said to the Mountain.” [46]

Denials in response to the requests for the extradition of the shooter continued[47], at which point the Sebiestor Tribe indicated that they would monitor the culprits trial[48]. The incident in Colelie looked to have changed the situation entirely. Despite the increasing focus on the situation, eyes in the Republic turned to the Great Caravanserai on Matar in rersponse to the announcement that, for the month of June, Sebiestor in particular could pay their respects to the Ray of Matar, lain in repose[49]. Later the same day the Caille District Court sentenced Broteau to twelve consecutive life sentences for the shooting before they indicated their intention to hand him over to the Sebiestor Tribal Court for trial over the murder of the tribal chief[50], a move that was seen as a significant step in preserving the alliance between the two allied empires.

Broteau’s trial and subsequent execution were swift [51], much to the dismay of the Federation, despite their act of goodwill in turning over the shooter regardless of the Republic’s belligerence in Colelie [52]. Shakor was quick to point out that he had already been trialed and convicted in Caille, and the Sebiestor were only confirming the findings and applying the punishment that best fit their own laws. The Tribal Council later denied permission for a senatorial delegation from the Federation to attend Karin Midular’s funeral stating that it would turn it into a political spectacle, straining their relationship with the Federation further [53].

On the 4th of July, YC115 Karin Midular, The Ray of Matar, was removed from the Great Caravanserai and taken to her clans ancestral lands on the Mikramurka Steppes[54]. From the city of Mithuris a procession led by Vuld Haupt and comprised of her adopted family, representatives of all the Sebiestor clans, and the chiefs of other tribes, made their way several kilometres out of the city to the Place of Silence. Her body was then laid out by Haupt in a ritual enclosure, which was then opened to the creatures and elements of the Steppes, in a rite reserved for a Sebiestor chief and silently observed by all present.

Recent Events

Acassa Midular, of the same clan as her predecessor, filled the position of Sebiestor Chief after her aunt Karin's assassination[55]. This was after a period of almost six months under the stewardship of spiritual leader, Vuld Haupt, in which the tribe mourned for the loss of the Ray of Matar. With a new Sebiestor chief the Tribal Assembly soon resumed business[56]. Acassa Midular was given the opportunity to make a declaration as chief before the new assembly at the Great Caravanserai, in which she focused on the reinstatement of the Minmatar principle of tribal autonomy. She stated that the measures taken by the Republic Fleet to apprehend Karin Midular's assassin, Gerne Broteau, were an infringement of the Republic on matters properly the responsibility of the Sebiestor tribe and "an infringement on that tribe's autonomy". She asked that the legacy of the tribal assembly, and Karin Midular's life and death, "be "one where the autonomy of the tribes is held paramount in this republic"[57].

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