Jonny Cantese (Character)

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Name Jonatus "Jonny" Cantese
Gender Undisclosed
Race Caldari
Bloodline Achura, Monks
Licensed 29 November YC 108
Corporation Sephray Industries
Occupation Security Specialist
Specialization Freelance Contracting, Deep Space Exploration

Jonny Cantese is a licensed capsuleer with an employment history consisting of independent capsuleer and public corporations.

Age: 24
Date of Birth: 25 May YC 88
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Gray
Height: 182.8 cm
Weight: 79.2 kg
Bloodtype: B-
Birthplace: Motsu VII - Moon 6 - Caldari Navy Logistic Support
Family: Parents: Major Eduardo Cantese (deceased), Aimi Fukushima-Cantese
Distinguishing Features

Facial Nano-Tattoo


Birth Data

Jonny was born and grew up in the Caldari Navy Logistic Support Station orbiting Motsu VII.

Jonny's parents, Major Eduardo Cantese and Aimi Fukushima-Cantese, are both Caldari natives. Major Cantese is a decorated combat pilot with the state navy and distinguished himself in several major conflicts with Gallente units throughout the and in defense of Caldari Prime.

Aimi Fukushima-Cantese was an administrative assistant with the newly created Caldari Constructions Corporation when Major Cantese was reassigned to the Motsu system shortly after CONCORD ended the first Caldari-Gallente war. They met while on holiday, soon married, and Jonny was born on 25 May YC 88.

Educational Background

YC 95 - Jonny was accepted to the State War Academy. Here, his studies focused heavily on combat doctrine, military science and a great deal of spaceship engineering. Jonny excelled in his studies here and garnered special attention from the school's Commandant. He was placed into a curriculum of advanced spaceflight theory and began to learn about capsule and implant technology.

YC 103 - After completing his general curriculum, Jonny studied abroad in his ethnic home system of Saisio. It was while in Saisio that Jonny developed his first contacts within the Perkone Corporation. His internship at a factory station there sparked in him a fascination with the industrial arts that would serve him well later on.

YC 108 - Jonny graduated from the State War Academy in the top 10% of his class and qualified as capsule compatible. He began flying his first frigate soon after graduation.

Criminal History

No record.

Contract History

After graduating from the State War Academy in late YC 108, Jonny joined Pegasus Industries LTD for four months before leaving to join Arrakis Spice Miners Unlimited as a security specialist for mining operations. His tenure there was short lived as well, and he soon joined the Perkone Corporation in order to pursue his own agenda.

Towards the end of YC 109, Jonny joined the now defunct Lightwave Technologies. In this corporation he found the support he needed to be a successful capsuleer just starting his journey. He stayed with the corporation until mid YC 110, when he rejoined the Perkone Corporation in order to freelance once again.

Jonny joined Wolf Mining early in YC 112, but left only about a month later with corpmate Shaalira D'arc. They joined Sephray Industries and began a successful career in wormhole exploration. There are not a lot of details surrounding his exploits in the depths of Sleeper space, but it is known that Jonny continued to freelance for the Caldari Navy from time to time.

Early in YC 113, Jonny signed a contract with the Sigilum Militum Xpisti. For several months he fought in null security space, wiping out countless Blood Raiders and members of opposing corporations. This experience would give him a strong foundation for fleet operations later in his career. After he left the SMX and a brief stint on the front lines of the Caldari-Gallente conflict, Jonny would return to w-space and in YC 115 he rejoined his former comrades from the Serenitas Solutus alliance.