Sentry Drones

Bouncer I

Bouncer I Sentry Drone

Bouncer II

Bouncer II Sentry Drone

Caldari Navy Warden

Caldari Navy Warden Sentry Drone

Curator I

Curator I Sentry Drone

Curator II

Curator II Sentry Drone

Federation Navy Garde

Federation Navy Garde Sentry Drone

Garde I

Garde I Sentry Drone

Garde II

Garde II Sentry Drone

Imperial Navy Curator

Imperial Navy Curator Sentry Drone

Republic Fleet Bouncer

Republic Fleet Bouncer Sentry Drone

Warden I

Warden I Sentry Drone

Warden II

Warden II Sentry Drone

It should be noted that unlike other drone types, sentry drones do not move.


Drone name Damage type Damage modifer Optimal + Accuracy Tracking
Garde I thermal 1.6x 20 + 10 0.03
Bouncer I explosive 1.4x 35 + 40 0.01
Curator I EM 1.3x 35 + 20 0.02
Warden I kinetic 1.2x 50 + 25 0.01
Garde II thermal 1.92x 24 + 12 0.036
Bouncer II explosive 1.68x 48 + 42 0.012
Curator II EM 1.56x 42 + 24 0.024
Warden II kinetic 1.44x 60 + 30 0.012