Infiltrated Outposts

Infiltrated Outposts - Rogue Drones

Mission Description

For you, my friend there's always something. It's those damned rogue drones again! They never seem to get enough!

This time it's bug. Two of our main mining facilities in the system have been completely overrun by rogue drones. If you can go clear them out we can save some of the miners and perhaps even the facilities themselves. Please don't fail me on this one. Those facilities provide a large portion of both our incomes and it would be a big loss to both of us if they where lost.

Mission Information

Type : Combat

Location : Deadspace

Mission Level : 4

Part of a Mission Chain : No

Mission Goal

Destroy all rogue drone structures and the surrounding drones.

Tips and Help

The structures in the first pocket is not part of the mission goal. To complete the mission you must destroy the bunker near group 2 in the second pocket. Shooting group 2 or its bunker will aggro the entire pocket.

In Pocket 2 start by shooting the frigates closets to you, and then kill all the drones that aggro, then proceed to kill the rest when the first wave is done.


Additional Information About this Mission

  • Mission Bounties: 3,977,632 ISK
  • Mission Reward: 667,000 ISK +2,882 LP
  • Time Bonus: 668,000 ISK (4 hours 26 minutes)
  • Mission Items: N/A
  • Structures: None
  • Mining: Mission contains a number of Veldspar and Scordite astroids


Please note: LP points, Rewards & Bonus received are dependent on your standings and social skills. The values shown here are based on the amalgamation of the character contributions.

Enemy Ships:

Best Damage Type to Use During Stage: EM (Primary) Thermic (Secondary)

Best Resistances to Have During Stage: Exp/Kin

Pocket 1

Group 1, ~25km

  • 3x (Frigate/Elite Frigate) Sunder/Raider/Strain Splinter Alvi (Web/Scramble)
  • 2x (Cruiser) Viral Infector Alvum
  • 1x (Battlecruiser) Defeater Alvatis
  • 1x (Battleship) Swarm Preserver Alvus/Alvus Controller

Group 2, ~50km

  • 3x (Frigate/Elite Frigate) Decimator/Sunder/Raider/Strain Splinter Alvi (Web/Scramble)
  • 3x (Cruiser) Viral Infector/Bomber Alvum

Pocket 2

Group 1, ~45km

  • 6x (Frigate/Elite Frigate) Sunder/Raider/Devilfish/Barracuda/Strain Splinter Alvi (Web/Scramble)
  • 3-4x (Cruiser) Devastator/Disintegrator Alvum
  • 1-2x (Battlecruiser) Enforcer Alvatis
  • 1x (Battleship) Alvus Controller/Swarm Preserver Alvus

Group 2, ~65km

  • 2x (Frigate/Elite Frigate) Devilfish/Barracuda/Strain Decimator Alvi (Web/Scramble)
  • 1-2x (Cruiser) Disintegrator Alvum
  • 2-3x (Battlecruiser) Crippler/Enforcer Alvatis
  • 1x (Battlecruiser) Rogue Drone Colonel - Striker Alvatis
  • 2x (Battleship) Alvus Controller/Swarm Preserver Alvus

Group 3, ~80km

  • 6x (Frigate/Elite Frigate) Sunder/Raider/Devilfish/Barracuda/Strain Infester Alvi (Web/Scramble)
  • 3-4x (Cruiser) Devastator/Disintegrator Alvum
  • 1-2x (Battlecruiser) Enforcer Alvatis
  • 1x (Battleship) Alvus Controller