Complex Details
Signature Strength  ?
Type Unknown
DED rating Unrated
Security 0.0
Known Regions All
Pirate type Rogue Drones

A two room deadspace complex with Rogue Drones.

This exploration site has a chance to escalate into The Drone Roulette Note: This site is an unrated Drone site, therefore it doesn't have Overseer's Effects and Drone Commander loot is not worth much at all. This site generally isn't worth running unless there is nothing else if only to despawn it so another complex take it's place in the region.

Total Bounties for the complex = 23,628,909.00 isk.

Room 1

Initial Spawn
11-13 cruisers
10-14 frigates
4 light missile batteries

The next gate is 55km away.

On approach of the gate, another group will spawn:

3 cruisers
4 frigates

Room 2

No drone will aggro at warping in. There is 1 group for each ship class. If you attack a single group the others won't aggro. Approaching the frigates group will aggro them.

Please note: On the frigate group, let your heavy drones attack, don't give them order they will pop every one of them in a few seconds.
Initial Spawn
3 battleships (last is trigger)
5 cruisers
10 frigates
Spawn 1
3 battleships
2-3 cruisers
Spawn 2 (spawns when you attack any ship of 1st spawn)
2-3 battleships
2 frigates
1 Sentient Alvus Controller/Sentient Spearhead Alvus (Drone Commander (salvage T2))

The destruction of this commander may trigger The Drone Roulette

Spawn 3
4 battleships
3 frigates

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The sentient commander dropped a Sentient Drone Damage Amplifier on 6/6/2014.