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Hulkageddon was the name given for a coordinated suicide gank of empire mining ships organised by pirate Helicity Boson of the Python Cartel.
The event ran over the weekend of 111.10.16 - 111.10.19 (2009). The offenders involved consisted of pilots from the following corporations:

  • The Python Cartel. [GROP3]
  • I.M.M. [IMM]
  • The Bastards [BSTRD]
  • Space Jerks [UJERK]
  • Sandstorm. [S3X]
  • The Tuskers [TSKRS]

As well as several NPC corporations.

All together, they claimed 66 Exhumers, 22 mining barges and 27 pods killed with a loss of approximately 300 ships, "primarily Catalysts & several battleships fitted with smart bombs."

Hulkageddon 2009 received attention from ISD where it was promised that Hulkageddon would someday occur once again.

Boson remarked on the difficulty of getting disparate pirate corporations to cooperate and has made no announcements on when another Hulkageddon might occur,
but has repeatedly made promises that the Hulk Genocide is far from over.

Hulkageddon bears some similarity to the Goonswarm Jihad, (also known as Jihadswarm) which employed similar strategies over an extended campaign.

The link between Hulkageddon and Goonswarm Jihad was further emphasized when the 'winner' of 2009 Hulkageddon, one Kalius Prime of Brutor tribe and
The Bastards, received a cash prize from an anonymous Goonswarm benefactor for his efforts in the Hulk extermination ([1]).

In terms of damage done per day, Hulkageddon was far more destructive than Goonswarm Jihad on account of it's short duration.

In December of 2009 Helicity Boson announced the second Hulkageddon by asking for donations of prizes and isk.


Hulkageddon II was a runaway succes, it completely shattered the results of the first event.

Some 800 capsuleers participated and 1796 mining ships were destroyed in the mayhem. The estimated damage inflicted, with the market prices at the time, was 
a jaw-dropping 278,865,104,560 ISK. This makes hulkageddon the most destructive event High security space has ever seen.

Over ten billion isk in prizes and ships were given away to participants, along with a firm promise that this was still not the end.


Mere months later Helicity announced Hulkageddon 3. The event is planned to take place between the 9th and 18th of July.

In the five days following the announcement Helicity has already amassed over 20 billion isk in prizes, including several capital class ships, faction battleships and faction cruisers.

What the total prize pot will end up being is anyone's guess at the time of this writing, but it already dwarfs previous efforts, and is sure to bring even more participants to the table.