Complex Details
Signature Strength  ?
Type Unknown
DED rating Unrated
Security 0.0
Known Regions All
Pirate type Rogue Drones

Hierarchy is a Rogue drones deadspace complex with two stages. The first stage must be entered by an acceleration gate. There is also a chance to get an escalation.


Stage 1

First Group

After entering the first stage you'll find a group of 5 medium drones about 40-50 km from warpin, consisting of the following types:

  • 3x Enforcer Alvatis
  • 2x Disintegrator Alvum

Also the acceleration gate leading to the second stage is about 40 km from warpin.

Second Group

When you approach the gate, 8 Guard Drones will spawn. After destroying them you can enter the gate.

Type of the drones:

  • 4x Strain Atomizer Alvum
  • 4x Siege Alvatis

Third Group

After a while a third group of 7 small drones might spawn at location of the first 5 drones.

Drone types:

  • 4x Raider Alvi
  • 2x Strain Infester Alvi (Web)
  • 1x Sunder Alvi

Stage 2

In the second stage the most drones will spawn. You need to approach the Hierarchy structure to trigger the last spawns.

First Group

The first group consists of 23 drones (small and medium) and 4 Cruise Missile Batterie. They will aggro instantly.

Drone Types:

  • 2x Barracuda Alvi
  • 5x Devastator Alvum
  • 6x Siege Alvatis
  • 5x Render Alvi
  • 1x Splinter Alvi
  • 4x Strain Disintegrator Alvum
  • 4x Drone Missile Bay

Second Group

After destroying the drones you need to approach the structure called Hierarchy. A group of 7 drones will spawn above the structure.


  • 3-4x Marauder Alvior
  • 3-4x Strain Raider Alvi

Third Group

When shooting the drones, another group of 6-7 rogue drones will spawn immediately.


  • 3-4x Exterminator Alvatis
  • 3-4x Strain Bomber Alvi or Strain Disintegrator Alvum

Fourth Group

Again, attacking the spawned drones will trigger the next group.


  • 4x Matriarch Alvus or Alvus Queen
  • 3-4x Marauder Alvior or Predator Alvior

Fifth Group

Same procedure here. Attacking one of the spawned drones will trigger a group of 3-4 large drones.


  • 3-4x Supreme Alvus Parasite

Sixth Group

The last group of 5 large drones will spawn after destroying all Battleship Sized Drones.


  • 4x Alvus Controller
  • 1x Sentient Alvus Creator

After Destroying the Commander drone you will either recieve no message - meaning that this exploration site has not escalated; or you recieve a message and directions to the next area in the exploration escalation called Troubles in Paradize

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