Hidden Ruins

Cosmic Signature Details
Hidden Ruins
Signature Strength  ?
Type Relic
Equipment needed Analyzer
Security 0.0
Known Regions Cloud Ring
Pirate type Blood Raiders

Hidden Ruins Cosmic Signature that can be found with 4 Scan Probes.

Warp in to gate 3 BS 1 mill each

First Gate:

DED deep space scouts briefly explored this strange site and left behind a rather cryptic note. As far as you can tell some ancient ruins lie within, but who built them or what treasures might lie buried there are anyone's guess.

8 BS

4 Frig

3 Cruiser

1 web tower

Trigger second wave: Serp Head Salvager

8 BS

2 Frigs

8 Cruisers

Gate to Hall: Need Archaeology Level 3 (Drone)

Gate to Portal: Need Archaeology Level 3 (Angel)

Portal: (Angel)

"Charred remains and debris litter the area. A confrontation between the pirate scavengers and rogue drones must have taken place some time in the past, as the empty drone bunkers and ruined pirate ship carcasses would indicate. "

upon warp in: "As you come out of acceleration you notice the resemblance of a space rift in the distance."

"Relay Commander: They've found the portal! Destroy them before they escape!"

11x BS

8x BC/C

2x Frigs

2X web towers

Gate to Hall: Need Archaeology

Hall: (Drone)

"A large force of drones has taken up residence in this area. They obviously benefit greatly from salvaging the remnants of the former inhabitants, which still litters this patch of space. A drone presence this large could not be formed without an abundance of raw materials. "

9x BS

7x frigs

5x drone cruise missile Towers

3x cans

PS: may have more npcs

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