Haunted Yard

Complex Details
Haunted Yard
Signature Strength 20.0%
Type Unknown
DED rating Unrated
Security Highsec
Known Regions Tash-Murkon, Genesis, Domain, The Citadel, Kador, Sinq Laison, Solitude, Metropolis, Molden Heath, Verge Vendor, Essence
Pirate type Rogue Drones


General Info

Only Destroyers, Frigates (including Tech 2 variants) and Tech 1 Cruisers may enter. The complex consists of a single room.

NPC's, Spawn and Trigger Information

Room 1

"Rogue Drones are fickle creatures, little is known about them and explorers are advised to tread with care when encountering these machines."
Initial group
1-3 x (Frigate) Splinter Alvi
2-6 x (Frigate) Drone Defender/Strain Infester Alvi (Stasis Webifier, Warp Scramble) (Trigger)
Possible reinforcements
6 x (Frigate) Decimator Alvi
2 x (Frigate) Sunder Alvi
2 x (Frigate) Raider Alvi
2 x (Frigate) Render Alvi
1 x (Frigate) Splinter Alvi
Wave 2
? x ?
Wave 3
? x ?
Wave 4
3 x (Destroyer) Barracuda Alvi
1 x (Frigate) Sentient Sunder Alvi (may drop drone components, faction modules and produce T2 salvage)
1 x Beacon
1 x Depleted Station Battery
1 x Drone Post
1 x Spaceshuttle Wreck
1 x Ghost Ship
4 x Leaking Cask (Lootable Container -- 1st Tier Overseer's Personal Effects & Scratched and Dented Keycard)
1 x Ruined Stargate
1 x Scanner Sentry

Possible faction loot

  • Sentient Drone Navigation Computer on 12.01.2014
  • Sentient Omnidirectional Tracking link on 11.20.2014
  • Sentient Drone Damage Amplifier on 09.19.2014
  • Dread Guristas Small Shield Booster on 01.23.2015
  • Sentient Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancer on 01.30.2015
  • Rogue Drone 46-X Nexus Chip on 02.07.2015


May escalate into Pulverize The Pioneers.

"Throughout this last fight, your radar equipment has been busy chewing on information about incoming and outgoing vessels and it seems it has traced a very large group of ships that left this place few minutes before you arrived. You have no clue why they left, were they fleeing? Or was it a coincidence? Either way, there is only one way to find out."

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