Hakata Group (Player corporation)


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Name Hakata Group
Ticker [-HG-]
Alliance -CUT-
CEO Yuri Hakata
Founded March 28, 2007
Founded by Yuri Hakata
Status Active
Headquarters Undisclosed
Website Blade. Alliance Homepage



Hakata Group [-HG-] is the expansive nullsec wing of the Hakata conglomerate, consisting of Hakata Industries [HAK] (currently an empire-only operation) Hakata Exploration [HAX] (currently involved in the fight against the Gallente Federation on behalf of the Caldari State) and Hakata Group (by far the largest corporation of these.)

Corporate Origins

Hakata Group was originally an offshoot from Rather Odd Industrial Dynasty [R01D], which again was originally a fusing between the industrialists in Hakata Industries [HAK] and Momentary Lapse of Reason [ML0R]. During this time the corp lived mainly in Geminate, flying with Cruel Intentions [CI] ([R01D] was there when TheKiller8 made his video of the assault against BWF-ZZ).

With the creation of [-HG-], the corporation left it's association with [CI] and started looking for other alliances to join. After some diplomatic efforts [-HG-] found a home with Xelas Alliance in Fountain.

Early Alliance Membership

This lead to a period of great excitement and growth where Hakata Group found new friends (Bravehearts, Setenta Corp, Fallen Angel's and others) and finally gained access to capital ships. In this period, the corporation also established it's modus operandi - to gather strong and self-sufficient individuals together for fun and exploration of all aspects of the game. The members found that a flat leadership structure worked very well (with Yuri Hakata functioning as the all-mighty figurehead CEO) and have since had many "turnovers" where different people have taken upon themselves to make things happen.

Blade. Membership

After the disbanding of Xelas Alliance, Fallen Angel's, Hakata Group and a few others created the Blade<dot> Alliance where -HG- lives to this day.

The corporation motto is "War is Business. Business is War."