Guristas Annex

Complex Details
Guristas Annex
Signature Strength  ?
Type Unknown
DED rating Unrated
Security Lowsec
Known Regions Black Rise,Lonetrek,The Citadel
Pirate type Guristas

A three(?) room deadspace complex with Guristas NPCs.


First room:

Hint: You can instantly activate the warp gate in this pocket if you have a guristas platinum tag in your cargohold (consumed upon activation).

Initial spawn

Guristas Stasis Tower X2
  • 4 BS - Pith Dismantler
  • 3 BS - Pith Extinguisher
  • 1 BS - Pith Conquistador
  • 1 BS - Exterminator (jamming)
  • 1 elite cruiser - Dire Pithum Mortifier
  • 1 BC - Pithatis Assassin
  • 1 BC - Pithatis Executor
  • 1 BC - Pithatis Revolter
  • 1 elite frigate - Dire Pithi Infiltrator
  • 1 elite frigate - Dire Pithi Imputor
  • 1 elite frigate - Dire Pithi Plunderer

(not finish , more NPC)

When you Appoach the Smuggler Gate, new wave incoming :

Hint: 'Someone has triggered an alarm by coming too close to the Smuggler Gate. The Gate Authority on the other side has sent in a battleship to investigate!


  • 4 BC - Port Authority Guardian
  • 1 BS - Port Authority Officer
  • Kill The "Port Authority Officer" for unlock the gate.
Hint: The Port Authority ship must have been in some way connected to the acceleration gate below. As soon as it is destroyed, a strange sound emits from the gate.

Second room:

All rats need to be killed in order to unlock the gate.

2 Statis towers ~30km from warpin.

2 additional spawns, triggered by time.

Room contains 4 jamming cruisers (Murderer and Annihilator) and 1-2 scram frigs

EDIT: 6/4/13 - When I ran this site a DG BS spawned in the second room after 3 waves of additional rats had spawned. If it's similar to the other unrated plexes then I'm assuming that DG spawn is chance-based. When I warped to the third room there was nothing in there.

Third room:


Upon landing in this empty room you have the chance of receiving an escalation to the Gurista Powergrid (4 part escalation set).

"This hidden outpost seems to have played a vital role in the Gurista expansion in the area. The fact that this operation is now history surely slows down whatever plans they may have had. Among one of the wrecks you locate co-ordinates for an energy harvesting facility nearby. Whether you explore it or not is your decision."

Documenting the Powergrid now, one can also refer to the Angel Powergrid for the Gist variation of this escalation.

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