Gurista Vigil

Complex Details
Guristas Vigil
Signature Strength 2.5%
Type Unknown
DED rating Unrated
Security Highsec, Lowsec
Known Regions Black Rise, Lonetrek, The Citadel, The Forge
Pirate type Guristas

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The Gurista Vigil is a Cosmic Signature of the Unrated Complex type, occupied by the Guristas pirate faction. It can be found via exploration by probing in Highsec systems. For location details see Pirate Faction Occupancy Chart.

The site consists of a volume of space with an acceleration gate and contains various structures and their defending pirates. Using the gate allows access to other areas within the site. When attacked, the defenders may send multiple waves of reinforcements. Each group's appearance is triggered by the destruction of members of the previous group. The names and amount of ships listed may vary slightly, but will always be of Battleship class or smaller.

This site's acceleration gate allows only Battlecruiser class ships or lower and their Tech 2 equivalents to enter the site.

Warp in message:

"Database Information: Previous explorers have commented that one of the gates requires a passkey. Alternatively, it can be bypassed by convincing the commander to unlock it."

Room 1

Initial Defenders
4 x (Frigate) Pithi Demolisher/Destructor/Plunderer/Wrecker
1 x (Destroyer) Pithior Terrorist
2 x (Cruiser) Pithum Mortifier
5 x (Battlecruiser) Pithatis Assassin/Assaulter
Gate Wave (Triggered by approaching Smuggler Gate)
"Someone has triggered an alarm by coming too close to the Smuggler Gate. The Gate Authority on the other side has sent in a battleship to investigate!" - in Local
1 x (Battleship) Port Authority Officer (Pith Eradicator) (Destroying Unlocks Acceleration Gate)
"The port authorities ship must have somehow been connected with the acceleration gate below. Once it is destroyed, a strange sound is heard coming out of the gate." - in Local
1 x Acceleration Gate (Unlocks by destroying the Port Authority Officer or by consuming a Guristas Gold Tag)
1 x Smuggler Gate (Approaching Triggers Gate Wave)

Room 2

"In local chat: An alarm sounds as you enter the area. More ships could be incoming!"
Initial Defenders
2 x (Sentry) Guristas Stasis Towers (Stasis Webifier)
3 x (Frigate) Pithi Demolisher/Plunderer/Wrecker
1 x (Destroyer) Pithior Anarchist/Terrorist/Guerilla
1 x (Cruiser) Pithum Eraser/Abolisher
4 x (Battlecruiser) Pithatis Death Dealer/Revolter

"In local chat: More enemy ships have arrived!"
Wave 2 (Arrives after ~4 minutes)
2-3 x (Destroyer) Pithior Anarchist/Terrorist/Guerilla
2-3 x (Cruiser) Pithum Eraser/Abolisher

"In local chat: More enemy ships have arrived!"
Wave 3 (Arrives after ~8 minutes)
2 x (Elite Frigate) Dire Pithi Saboteur/Despoiler (Jamming)
2 x (Destroyer) Pithior Renegade
3 x (Battlecruiser) Pithatis Death Dealer/Revolter

"In local chat: More enemy ships have arrived!"
Wave 4 (Arrives after about ? minutes)
4 x (Cruiser) Pithum Eraser/Abolisher
1 x (Cruiser Commander) Dread Guristas Silencer/Ascriber/Killer (If "Killer" then Jams) (Trigger for possible Escalation, wreck may contain Dread Guristas Cruiser Modules, Gila BPC and T2 Implants)

Room 3

The room is empty except for a warp beacon. (Entering the room is an Alternate Trigger for possible Escalation)


Destroying the Dread Guristas Cruiser Commander or entering the third room may cause an escalation to the "Kidnapped!" expedition, with the following message:

"As you enter the room, you receive a weak transmission; a hushed voice sneaks through your audio system, hastily whispering some words. All you can understand is something about kidnapping, pirates and a group of people. You play it back a several times, trying to make sense of it, but you can not discern who is kidnapped or how this group of people is involved and you cant actually hear what part the Guristas play in this, even though you take it for granted that they are the kidnappers in question. This message was sent on a general channel and your instruments have no problem pinpointing its origin. They have actually done so already in case you would like to investigate this further. Cant beat these new auto-personalizing AI systems, you have had this one for only a few days and it already feels like it has known you all your life."

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