Gurista Provincial HQ

Complex Details
Guristas Provincial HQ
Signature Strength 2.5%
Type Unknown
DED rating Unrated
Security 0.0
Known Regions Tenal, Pure Blind, Venal, Tribute, Geminate, Deklein
Pirate type Guristas

Guristas Provincial HQ is the hardest and rarest 0.0 security space exploration complex found in areas of space inhabited by the Guristas, e.g Tenal. It is a deadspace complex with an acceleration gate.

Room 1

This room comprises 12 Battleship class; 5 Cruiser class; 2 Frigate class; and 2 Dire Frigate class npcs and 2 stasis towers.

1 x Acceleration Gate (Leads to Room 2)
1 x Guristas Control Tower (Destroying unlocks Gate)

"As the Control Tower is destroyed the lock mechanism inside the acceleration gate fails. It is now open for use."-in Local Channel

You can also use a "Dread Guristas Crystal Tag" to unlock the gate for you and any of your companions, the tag is consumed upon use.

Room 2

Room 2 has a mixture of enemy ships and batteries that will test the tank of anyone unprepared. The room comprises 4 Tower Sentry III Batteries; 4 Siege Railgun Batteries; 7 Battleship class; and 5 Dire Pith Frigate class npcs, all of them are about 90km away from warp-in point.

You need to kill these frigates fast, because arrogators will scramble you, while heading straight towards a siege railgun to get in range repping like crazy - its going take about 5 to 10 minutes to kill one solo, depending on your dps. Once these Siege Railguns batteries are down a lot of the dps will be dimished and you are almost finished!

Warning: 4 Siege Railguns are dealing massive volley damage (120 EM\120 EXP\600 KIN\360 THERM), while their RoF is 16s. They can probably destroy unprepared ship with low buffer in one single volley. Furthermore, they have a lot of EHP, probably something around 80000.

Once all the enemy ships and structures have been destroyed head towards the cage with the Guristas War Installation in.

"The Overseer inside the War Installation activates a massive Kinetic Smart-Bomb, affecting all enemy ships caught within the blast radius!"-in Local Channel

'Warning: 'Each Ship that attacks the Guristas War Installation causes the structure to defend itself with a Kinetic based smartbomb attack! The smartbomb will do 6000 points of KIN damage. This KIN based smartbomb will damage any drones that are deployed.

Once the installation is down to around 20% structure, it releases all its ships.

War Installation Wave (Trigged by taking Guristas War Installation to 20% Structure)

"Dust and debris spew out of the War Installation's hull as it is quickly falling apart. A multitude of ships undock in a desperate attempt to save their station from total annihilation!"-in Local Channel

5 x (Elite Frigate) Dire Pithi Imputor\Wrecker\Demolisher\Arrogator (Stasis Webifier, Warp Scramble)
2 x (Elite Cruiser) Dire Pithum Inferno\Abolisher
2 x (Cruiser) Pithatis Enforcer\Assasin
10 x (Battleship) Pith Massacrer\Usurper
0-1 x (Battleship Commander) Dread Guristas Usurper (Escalation Trigger) (wreckage may contain Faction Battleship Modules)

Once all of these ships have been destroyed, simply resume damaging the War Installation until it explodes. If nothing happens it means that this exploration has run its course. Otherwise you will receive the exploration escalation No Quarter.

"As the dust settles from the battle, you receive a transmission from someone claiming to be a local vigilante who congratulates you on a job well done. Your computers run a check on his ship ID´s and other info they can gather on him in such a short period of time, but come up with nothing. He is at least not a part of any pirate faction, nor seems he to represent any of the official states in the galaxy. This person continues to welcome you to the area and offers to point you to some other Gurista bases he knows about and have been a menace for the local population. If you want to come and meet him, he will lead the way."

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