Gurista Hideout

Complex Details
Gurista Hideout
Signature Strength 20.0%
Type Unknown
DED rating Unrated
Security Highsec
Known Regions  ?
Pirate type Guristas
Gurista Hideout (pocket 1)

A Gurista Hideout is a Cosmic Signature, set in a Deadspace Pocket with a huge brown, dusty nebula housing a lot of Veldspar Asteroids and some abandoned Gurista installations. There are also signs of previous acts of hostility as there are debris and corpses floating around. The second stage looks much the same, although a bit brighter, richer in Asteroids and the Guristas seem to be experimenting here. This site's acceleration gate allows Battleship class ships or lower and their Tech 2 equivalents to enter the site.

Pocket 1

Initial Group
1-2 x (Frigate) Pithi Arrogator/Destructor (Trigger Wave 1)
0-1 x (Frigate) Pithi Despoiler (Jamming)
The acceleration gate is 12km ahead.
Wave 1
1 x (Frigate) Pithi Destructor/Imputor
1 x Acceleration Gate
3 x Guristas Lookout
1 x Abandoned Ship Yard
1x Guristas Research Center
1x Guristss Bunker
49x Veldspar

Pocket 2

Initial Group
2 x (Frigate) Pithi Despoiler/Plunderer/Saboteur (Jamming) (Trigger Wave 1)
Reinforcements (Triggered by engaging Initial Group. Maybe not always.)
1 x (Frigate) Pithi Wrecker
Wave 1
3 x (Frigate) Pithi Despoiler/Wrecker (Jamming) (Trigger Wave 2)
Wave 2
2-3 x (Destroyer) Pithior Anarchist/Renegade
Tower Wave (Triggered by attacking the Experimental Weapon Tower)
2 x Guristas Light Missile Batteries (Chance to trigger Wave 3 and Commander Wave)
Wave 3
2-3 (Frigate) Pithi Anarchist/Despoiler/Renegade/Saboteur (Jamming)
'Commander Wave
0-1 x (Frigate Commander) Dread Gurista ? (wreckage may contain Faction Ammo, ? Tag, T2 implant, Worm BPC, or Dread Modules)
1 x Experimental Weapon Tower Template:Trigger Tower Wave (Trigger for possible Escalation)
2 x Guristas Bunker (contain ammo)
1 x Guristas Lookout
2 x Guristas Battery
1 x Abandoned Ship Yard
13 x Veldspar
1 x Scordite


The bounties on the heads of the pirates in this anomaly add up to a total of approximately 165,000 ISK, payable by CONCORD.


Destroying the Experimental Weapon Tower might trigger an escalation to the expedition known as Sooth Sayer, with the following message:

"While fighting the last defenders of this hideout, you noticed three of their ships warp out and disappear from radar. Your navigational computer has had a few minutes now to mull over the data they left and has come up with a probable destination in case you want to chase them."

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