Guardian Angels

The Guardian Angels is a division of the Angel Cartel that are today exclusively occupied with guarding Serpentis space stations. The Serpentis Corporation pays the Angel Cartel handsomely for the protection, that is strong enough to keep even the DED at bay.



The Guardian Angels initially served as the security and tech development division of the Angel Cartel. This all changed in YC 75 when the Angel Cartel made the exclusive offer to the Serpentis Corporation to devote the Guardian Angels division to protection in exchange for access to Serpentis stations and research. This deal was of such great mutual benefit that it eventually became the sole role of the Guardian Angels, with the Dominations stepping in to keep Curse safe. This has led to the Angel Cartel not having an official research and development division, though it is assumed that some covert in-house advancements still happen.

The Guardian Angels, now relocated to Fountain, got to prove their mettle against Mordu’s Legion when they invaded in YC 106 [1]. With the incursion leading to initial embarrassment, the Guardian’s top brass took to the battlefield to chase Mordu and his crew out. He had, until that point, managed to slip out of the Cartel’s grasp at every opportunity while minimising losses of his own forces. It seemed that even with their commanders present the Cartel was taking heavy casualties, until Mordu gave the order during a Guardian Angel regrouping and extracted his troops intact from the region. It is speculated he feared that the Guardian Angels, being in their home turf, would eventually gain the upper hand by fielding superior numbers. It is still unknown if he achieved what he came for, or even what that objective was. The whole incident seems to have left the Guardian Angel leadership unaffected, and they still serve in their respective positions to this day.


To make life in Fountain easier, the Cartel has erected several stations in the region to serve as bases of operation. Their ownership is divided amongst the several Cartel divisions, but it was the Guardian Angels who oversaw their construction while the Salvation Angels took care of the practical execution. While Cartel and Serpentis members intermingle within all of Fountain’s stations, each none the less wants to have their own respective bases that house their agents.

To loyal capsuleers, the Guardian Angels offer amongst other things blueprints of the Angel Cartel hulls, the Halo implant sets, their signature ‘Arch Angel’ ammunition and even some synth booster blueprints. Their best gear however is reserved for internal use, unless of course someone were to recover it from one of their wrecks. Not even the Serpentis are allowed access to these, and the Guardian Angels will forego using their best tech within their reach despite their close relationship. This is a typical move of the Cartel to retain the upper hand in any situation.

A steady income stream is generated from a small percentage of all trade profits from Serpentis stations, which serves as an addition to the research access and makes it so the Guardian Angels can keep affording replacements as well as technological upgrades to fulfill their role as well as possible. However over time the Guardian Angels have also come to include Serpentis technology in their arsenal. In addition to foregoing letting the Serpentis in on their own technological advancements, this is also a simple matter of convenience. Why import from Curse, or produce within Fountain, what can be readily obtained and put to direct use.



The Guardian Angels are responsible not only for the design and development of the Angel Cartel’s hulls, but also were called upon to design hulls for use by the Serpentis. As the Serpentis pilots had ample experience flying Gallente hulls up until this point, those were chosen to form a base of each design with the exception of the Daredevil. It is said that Sarpati himself admired the Dramiel hull so much he wanted a variation for his own forces. For its own hulls the Guardian Angels went with unique designs that are inspired by, on in the case of the Machariel based upon what could be recovered of old Jovian designs.

The focus of Angel Cartel combat lies on speed and massive firepower, and so the hulls are designed to enable and support this role. This is even reflected in how they look, each hull being sleek yet with a menacing touch, the latter which is most prominent in the pointed ‘pincers’ of the Dramiel.

While the Angel Cartel hulls are the brainchild of the Guardian Angels, it is the Salvation Angels who oversee their production and further advancements.

Angel Cartel hulls

Serpentis hulls


Credit for weapons and modules, the ‘Arch Angel’ ammunition line, the Halo implant sets, as well as some personal firearms goes to the Guardian Angels. Further technology is scattered between divisions or a result of the many smaller unnamed divisions that the Cartel holds within its collective. In true Angel fashion however, they are not much bothered by remembering who came up with something, but instead interested in how to apply it to the benefit of the Cartel as a whole.

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