Great War

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The First Great War took place from January 2007 and culminated in October 2007 with the Greater BoB Coalition (GBC) retreating into Fountain, Delve, Querious, and Period Basis against the push from the Red Swarm Federation (RSF), and the Northern Coalition (NC) defeating GBC forces in the North. The Great War was immediately followed by The First Delve War. During this time, nearly all 0.0 sov holding alliance were either allied with, or against BoB, and battles raged across every 0.0 region.


The Beginning

The South

Before the Fall of ASCN, Band of Brothers (BoB) destroyed most, if not all, of Goonswarm's infrastructure in Sydnicate, forcing them to flee across the galaxy, forming an alliance with Red Alliance and Tau Ceti Federation (TCF). This coalition was known as the Red Swarm Federation, or RSF for short. Also joining the RSF in the south was Against ALL Authorities (-A-), Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate (IAC), and others.

After the fall of Ascendant Frontier (ASCN) in the The Pendulum War, BoB found themselves as the largest and most powerful alliance in 0.0. Multiple Alliances, including MC, RISE, Firmus Ixion (FIX), and many others joined with BoB to form the GBC. With space spreading from Delve to Omist, the GBC had a significant amount of space and resources.

The North

Following the events of the Great Northern War (GNW) and other local conflicts, the North had formed a strong defensive coalition, lead by Dusk And Dawn (D2). This coalition would soon be known as the Northern Coalition (NC), containing D2, Razor Alliance, Morsus Mihi, Imperial Republic of the North (IRON), and many others.

Before the breakout of the Great War, elements of the NC had begun small to medium scale sov warfare in Querious against Firmus Ixion, with the help of IAC and -A-. While these battles had little effect, Mercenary Coalition was called upon to drive them out.

Breakout in the South

Band of Brothers, still on a war footing following the death of ASCN, decided to push into former Lotka Volterra (LV) space. The initial push, aided by then untackleable titans Chowdown and Shrike pushed deep into Tenerifis and had begun placing POSes in Detroid. The RSF, unable to hold back the combined forces of the GBC, fled from Omist and attempted to hold in 9-980U in Tenerifis.

The Fall of the North

With the NC driven out of Querious by the combined fleets of FIX and MC, BoB tasked MC with aiding GBC elements in Cloud Ring. MC, with one of the largest capital fleets at the time, quickly destroyed NC defenses and pushed IRON and other NC elements further and further north, begging D2 to assist them in defense.

With IRON being driven from Deklein by GBC forces, D2 finally announced they would go to war. The combined capital forces of the NC were soundly defeated in two engagements by the MC, and within a week D2 promptly dissolved. With no leadership, the NC begun to collapse. MC pushed into Branch and Tenal, driving what was left of D2 out, and forcing Razor into Venal.

MC, seeing that the NC was soundly defeated, left to rejoin BoB in the south, leaving 5 GBC alliances to settle their new space. Razor and Morsus Mihi continued to fight, based out of Venal, NPC space.

The Stalemate of 9-980U

In the south, BoB and the GBC pushed hard into Tenerifis and quickly secured LV's old home. RSF, however, rallied and began to stop the GBC's then unstoppable war machine as they tried to lay sov in Detroid. RSF, emboldened by a few key victories, pushed back into Tenerifis and 9-980U. BoB had already converted 9-980U and its neighboring stations into a staging ground, and the war ground to a halt. Becoming one of the longest and largest battlegrounds in EVE history, RSF and the GBC remained in 9-980U and its surrounding systems for 3 weeks.

In the meantime, elements of the RSF began to push into GBC's recently acquired space of Feythabolis and Paragon Soul, harassing GBC's member alliance's ability to gather resources to contribute to 9-980U.

In Catch, -A- and IAC resumed their attack on FIX in Querious. With the fall of the North, the MC returned to FIX's side and began fighting over the bridge between Catch and Querious.

Razor Regains Tenal

With the MC returning south, Razor and Morsus Mihi capitalized on the shift in the northern GBC forces, and pushed into Tenal. Only 4 days after being secured by Terror In The System, Razor retook their space, and TITS disbanded. Emboldened by their success, Razor and Morsus Mihi pushed back into branch, held by M. Pire, and after a month of fighting, Razor had control of both regions.

Meanwhile, former opponents of the NC, Triumvirate, found themselves at greater odds with the Northern GBC forces of You What and others, and had started to push into Deklein. In an attempt to get some fights out of them, Triumvirate began to drop POSes in station systems. Much to their surprise, after defeating GBC forces, they started to gain space. With the Northern GBC forces collapsing, the new Northern Coalition, consisting of Morsus Mihi, Razor and now Triumvirate, retook the north and drove the last of the GBC forces out of the North, around September 2007.

Revalations 2

In June 2007, CCP released Revelations 2, with a key feature being that Titans could be tackled by Interdictors. In the days following, BoB's first Titan, piloted by Shrike, was killed in 46DP-O, a neighbouring system of 9-980U. Shrike was cloaked at a gate, and was quickly tackled by a 'dictor. In a grueling hour-long battle, RSF managed to kill Shrike. This death seemed to be a pivotal moment in the war. In the week following the death of Shrike, RSF managed to secure 9-980U and the surrounding systems. RSF slowly pushed the GBC into Omist then quickly spread out around Feythabolis, putting pressure on GBC members RISE and Digital Renegades.

FIX and MC had managed to push into Catch, and were in the process of capturing one of IAC's stations. With the GBC's defeat in 9-980U, the RSF spread out across GBC territory, with Tau Ceti Federation joining IAC and -A- and pushing FIX out.

Goonswarm and Red Alliance began focusing on the smaller space holders in Feythabolis, with RA forcing out Digital Renegades, and Goonswarm destroying RISE. BoB, trying to focus on 3 different fronts, began to pull out their infrastructure from the middle south, leaving many of the GBC alliances to fend for themselves against the oncoming RSF.


In October 2007, SirMolle, head of Band of Brothers, announced that BoB was fully retreating from the former ASCN space. All surviving GBC alliances were ordered to join BoB in 'Fortress Delve', taking space in Period Basis, Fountain, and Querious. RSF, capitalizing on BoB's retreat, took the rest of the south space, dividing it among the RSF allies.

Shortly after securing the South, RSF and the NC launched a massive invasion into Delve.