Goonswarm Federation


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Goonswarm Federation-logo.png
Name Goonswarm Federation
Ticker <CONDI>
Type 0.0
Founded 2010.06.01
Status Active
Contact details
Alliance CEO The Mittani
Diplomat(s) Vile Rat (RIP - 2012-09-11)
Hratli Smirks
Powers Sa
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Public Channel None
Executor DJ's Retirement Fund [.FART]
Members Bat Country
Merch Industrial
Magellanic Itg
Wildly Inappropriate

The Last True Bastion of True Gooniness

Successor to the previous SOLODRAKBANSOLODRAKBANSO and GoonSwarm alliances, Goonswarm Federation is the largest (by character count) non-renter alliance in EVE. It is at the helm of the Clusterfuck Coalition, a player coalition consisting of Goonswarm Federation, I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth, SpaceMonkey's Alliance, Gentlemen's Agreement,Tactical Narcotics Team, Fatal Ascension, Fidelas Constans, RAZOR Alliance and others.

Goonswarm Federation currently owns the Deklein region and has holdings in Branch, Cloud Ring, Pure Blind and Fade. Its members are known as "Goons" due to their origin in the Something Awful community. Thanks to vast holdings of northern Technetium, Goons play under a cradle-to-grave system where they are reimbursed for all PvP losses, leading to comedy fleet compositions in non-strategic fleet operations and bitter veterans shoveling massive amounts of ISK into the wallets of newbies.