Gone Berserk (Level 4)

Gone Bersek - EoM Equilibrium of MankindEoM

Mission Description

We have reports of terrorists wreaking havoc in (System). Our convoys have been attacked, as well as some outlying outposts; they seem to be intent on causing as much damage as possible. I'd like you to take care of them as quickly as possible. And be aware that they may not all be gathered together when you arrive... if so, you will be able to pick them off as they warp in to the rendezvous point.

Mission Information

Type : Encounter/Kill

Location : Normal Space

Mission Level : 4

Part of a Mission Chain : No

Mission Goal

Take care of the terrorist fanatics and then report back to your agent.

Tips and Help

EoM Saboteur will web.

Micro Warp Drive Allowed. To manage aggro, work on a single tree until you have eliminated the final battleship for that tree. Repeat again for the next tree. The ship waves spawn anywhere, so if you need to keep an eye on the mission completion triggers, do it from the beginning. The mission is flagged completed once you have killed the EoM Death Lord from the Right Spawn Tree.


Additional Information About this Mission

Mission Bounties: About 11,000,000 ISK
Mission Reward: 932,000 ISK

Loyalty Points

Loyalty Points: 4314

Mission Bonus: 895,000 ISK (4h)

Video: Ishtar

Salvage & Loot: About 3,500m3 plus - Ammo, Cap Boosters, Modules (T1/Named).

Mining: 86 Roids Veldspar with 3,142,156 units to mine.

Please note: LP's, Rewards & Bonus are dependent on your standings and skills, the values showed here is based on caracter contribuition.

Enemy Ships:

Best Damage Type to Use During Stage: Kinetic (Primary)/ EM (Secondary)

Best Resistances to Have During Stage: Kin (68,76%) Therm (31,24%)

Single Pocket

Auto aggro from Initial Group at warp-in.

The starting formation can be separated into three distinct clusters - Left, Center and Right.

Each cluster has a Cruiser trigger that starts a spawn tree when killed.

For EACH TREE(Cruiser), four separate waves will be spawned. (In summary, you get a total of 3 x 4 = 12 waves.)

The spawns may target drones/fleet members.

There is a chance that you will warp-in out of position from the normal beacon. If this happens, just re-orient the view and center it on the "Dysfunctional Solar Harvester" to get your bearing.

Initial Group (Auto-aggro): (70-80km)

  • 3x Cruisers (EoM Crusader) Trigger (each Cruiser)
  • 3x Battleships (EoM Hydra)

Left, Center and Right Spawn Tree

Wave 1 (Auto-aggro):

  • 2x Cruisers (EoM Death Knight) Trigger (when both are killed)

Wave 2 (Auto-aggro):

  • 1x Battleship (EoM Hydra) Trigger
  • 2x Frigates (EoM Saboteur) Web (extra spawn, only applies to the Left Spawn Tree)

Wave 3 (Auto-aggro):

  • 1x Battleship (EoM Ogre) Trigger
  • 1x Battleship (EoM Hydra)

Wave 4 (Auto-aggro):

  • 1x Battleship (EoM Death Lord) (Death Lord orbits at 45km)