Golden Omber

Golden Omber

Golden Omber Golden Omber spurred one of the largest gold rushes in the early days of space faring, when isogen was the king of minerals. The 10% extra yield it offers over common Omber was all it took to make it the most sought after ore for a few years.

Omber is a common ore that is still an excellent ore for novice miners as it has a sizeable portion of isogen, as well as some tritanium and pyerite. A few trips of mining this and a novice is quick to rise in status. 500 ore units are needed for refining.


Reprocessing Skill

Reprocessing Skill
Omber Processing



0.6 m3


Required skills

Primary Skill required
Mining Mining

Batch size 100. Per batch this can potentially be refined into

Isogen 94 Megacyte
Mexallon Morphite
Nocxium Pyerite 38
Tritanium 94 Zydrine