Gallente Ice Interdiction

Event Details
Ice-based Resource Scarcity
Event Title Gallente Ice Interdiction
Location Gallente Highsec
Start Date Late September 2011
End Date Late December 2011
Attacking Forces Goonswarm Federation
Defending Forces Highsec Ice Miners
Result Tears, increased ice-based fuel prices.

The Gallente Ice Interdiction was a three month event starting in late-September 2011 where Goonswarm, the largest nullsec alliance in New Eden, declared a ceasing of all mining of ice in Gallente highsec. Any capsuleer caught mining ice in Gallente space would be promptly suicide ganked by Goons. Though the methods were common, the sheer scale of the operation was not. This event was notable for being one the largest attempts in New Eden history of a coordinated effort by a nullsec alliance to influence highsec affairs and the reactions this resulted in, with out of control speculation, market manipulation, hoarding, large scale infrastructure replacement and overall outrage.


After successfully stopping Pandemic Legion's supercapital onslaught upon the north in the Battle of VFK-IV, Goonswarm and its new hostile neighbors to its east entered a stalemate where neither side was willing to commit the manpower and resources to destroy the enemy, entering a tentative ceasefire. Stating that they would not be engaging in any major mobilizations until the nature of supercap combat was improved by CCP, Goonswarm took a month of rest after the furious turmoil in the north. In mid-September, Goonswarm CEO The Mittani announced his alliance's intent on ejecting the residents of far-off Delve, installing Elite Space Guild as a CFC-allied holder of the region and setting the stations of all non-ESG owned stations in Delve to allow docking to any pilot regardless of standings. Thus, the "Freeport Delve" project was born.

Perceived as a small-scale project in a distant land, Freeport Delve was criticized as unambitious and low-risk when considering the immediate threat on Goonswarm's eastern doorstep. In this context, two weeks into the Freeport Delve campaign, the Gallente Ice Interdiction was declared.


On 9/30/2011 The Mittani crossposted on multiple forums, both public and private, a manifesto addressed to Goons announcing the beginning of the Interdiction. Well constructed and wide encompassing, the document covered the reasoning behind targeting Gallente Ice belts, ganking tactics, fittings, reminders of previous commitments in Delve and CONCORD evasion tactics. Summarizing, the stated intent was to bring the global EVE economy to its knees by eliminating the playerbase's supply of Oxygen Isotopes, a versatile ice product required to fuel Gallente/ORE jump drive capable ships, player owned stations and a vital ingredient in the Tech 2 production recipe. The desired result of all these efforts was nothing more then engendering ill-will and hatred of Goonswarm by the rest of New Eden's capsuleers.

These lofty claims were met with two main responses. The first was loud public rebuffs by many marketeers (most notably Akita T, who successfully predicted the Technetium bottleneck) that no single player organization could effect something as gigantic and robust as the ice mining industry. That Goonswarm's will to enforce an ice interdiction would give long before highsec ice miners would quit mining ice. That the whole event was a shameless PR stunt with no chance of success and everything to do with garnering attention.

The other reaction was by those who believed that it could happened, and they were willing to back those beliefs with cold hard ISK as they bought up every unit oxygen isotope that was available in Jita, eagerly looking forward to riding the skyrocketing prices to the top. Ironically, it was this market speculation by thousands of EVE marketeers that arguably did more then anything to send the prices of Blue Ice and its derived fuels barreling upwards.


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