Forgotten Age

The Forgotten Age

The Forgotten Age charts the history of mankind from the 28th century to AD 8100, 31 years after the collapse of the EVE Gate.

AD 2730: Old earth solar system fully colonized

AD 3691: Warp technology discovered

AD 3805: The Conformists, a group within the Unified Catholic Church, settles on Soekheviti, a planet within the Sol system

AD 3841: The Conformists take control of Soekheviti

AD 3897: The Conformists lose power and are exiled from Soekheviti

AD 4224: Warp drives for ships invented

AD 7089: The second planet in the VH-451 system is bought by people from the Tau Ceti system

AD 7987: The wormhole leading to the world of EVE is discovered

AD 7989: The first explorers venture through the wormhole. Mass colonization begins soon after

AD 7989: The Conformists start migrating to the world of EVE, spurred on by Dano Gheinok, one of their leaders. Gheinok manages to direct them to the planet of Athra

AD 7989-8061: New Eden and its neighboring systems and constellations are colonized rapidly

AD 7993: The third planet in the VH-451 system is bought by a megacorporation. Small-scale colonization starts soon after

AD 8000: Dano Gheinok proclaims himself Prophet and sets the foundations of the Amarr theocracy to come

AD 8017: The System CMS-17 is discovered, later renamed Pator. The main planet, Matar, is quickly colonized due to its very hospitable conditions

AD 8052: The last colony ship from Tau Ceti arrives before EVE closes

AD 8061: EVE gate collapses

AD 8061: The last group of Conformists arrives on Athra. The Conformists all settle on the continent of Amarr, from which they later take their name

AD 8100: Smaller settlements of gate settlers have perished, with only a few saved by larger settlements close by