Originally published June 26, 2009

1. Are there still plans for a complete UI overhaul?

We're incrementally overhauling the UI in EVE and we have a team of dedicated UI designers that make sure all new UI designs adhere to certain usability and functionality standards. They are also going over older aspects and reworking them, but as we all know EVE is vast and therefore this will take time.

2. What happened to the QEN in 2008? Do you intend to continue with the QEN for 2009 on schedule?

Back in 2008 we lacked two vital things to ensure high quality QEN’s, the first was resources to get data and the second was people to analyze that data. Once we had secured new resources the economic crisis that hit the world, and locally in Iceland, late 2008 demanded considerable time from the Research and Statistics team simply sorting out what was exactly what was going on and how it would potentially impact CCP and its staff. Today we find ourselves in a much different place knowing that the economic crisis has not affected CCP as company, we have the resources we need and can therefore make sure the QEN’s are done as planned from now on.

3. Will we see an upgrade to the forums at any point?

There are some exciting new things on the works, but we’re not able to talk about them just yet.

4. Will Zulupark do more "Ask Uncle-Zulu" session?

Whether Zulupark does them, or someone else, there will be more "ask and ye shall receive answers" threads coming in the future.

5. With Caldari occupying all Gallente space in Factional Warfare, what are the consequences of this? Do you have any plans for the future of Factional Warfare?

We plan the NPC timeline for events leading up to expansions, coordinating the release of news and integrating the high level plot with chronicles, video, and everything else we can. This year, our storyline theme was to try and “cross the streams” more, meaning that we were going to look for ways to weave the exploits of capsuleers into the NPC canon. The Caldari sweep of contestable Federation space gave us the perfect context to do just that. By the time this year’s winter expansion is released, it will be clear that the NPC storyline events revealed then have direct origins to this player-generated event. In other words, it definitely shaped our storyline objectives, and fits perfectly with concurrent efforts to raise the visibility of player group actions in general.

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